Centen Poetry Contest

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Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult, Culver City Artist Laureate for Poetry, is organizing a poetry contest and series of readings to celebrate Culver City’s Centennial. www.CulverCity100.org

Dr. Hoult teaches the Word Painting with Poetry class at the Senior Center.

The contest and readings are open to all Culver City residents, students who attend Culver City schools, members of the Culver City Historical Society, members of the Senior Center, active members of Culver City civic organizations and people who are employed by businesses in Culver City.

As a celebration of Culver City’s year-long Centennial that opens next month, the themes of the poetry readings and the Centennial Contest will focus on Culver City, especially its history.

An historical timeline has been prepared by Culver City historian Julie Lugo Cerra at  www.CulverCityHistoricalSociety.org  

Participants should look over the list, visit a Culver City location and judge what appeals to the person’s poetic senses.

Poems presented at readings in October  and next spring will be included in the judging for the final reading and contest awards in September 2017.

The single criteria for the initial readings is that the poems focus on the history of Culver City.

The first reading will be at the Senior Center on Saturday, Oct. 8.

Submissions must be made at www.WordPainting.net by Thursday, Sept. 15.

We will organize the program based upon the submissions and send you a confirmation.

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