Culver City Film Fest Opens Saturday

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The weeklong third annual Culver City Film Festival will open on day at the ArcLight Cinema, Downtown, the main screening venue, and close the following Saturday.

The Mayme Clayton Library & Museum on Overland Avenue also will host screenings.

The festival will screen shorts and features, narrative films, documentaries, and more and will show films from all over the world with a special focus on Southern California filmmakers.

The Culver City Film Festival brings together a diverse group of film makers to share recent work and recognize local talent in a city celebrated.

Tickets for all the events are available on eventbrite. On Saturday from 5 o’clock to 7, the festival will host a filmmakers Meet and Greet red carpet with a happy hour at Kay and Dave’s in conjunction with Venice Media District.

Culver City is home to Sony Pictures and a burgeoning restaurant and nightlife scene. The event is organized by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene who also run the Marina del Rey Film Festival, entering its sixth year.

Working tirelessly alongside them to produce these festivals is Sandie West of Beach Dancer Film and the Venice Media District.

Mr. Gursha, Mr. Greene and Ms. West also launched two new festivals this year: The Silicon Beach Film Festival and The Playa Vista Film Festival.

The Culver City Film Festival brings together a diverse group of filmmakers to share recent work and recognize talent from around the globe as well as locally. The festival will feature works from both up-and-coming filmmakers, as well as seasoned and established ones.

According to Jon Gursha “We are excited about having the opportunity to show films in one of the best theatrical venues in Los Angeles,” said Mr. Gursha.

“Our festival provides a wonderful platform for a wide range of independent cinema to receive the exposure it deserves and needs in a very crowded marketplace,” Mr. Greene said.

Ms. West said the festivals combined “embrace the digital landscape while honoring the tradition of film in the heart of screen land.”

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