For Vets on Veterans Day

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American Legion, Hollywood Post 43

On Veteran’s Day, Friday, the American Legion Hollywood Post 43 will present the world premiere of Everything In Between, in their Historic Cultural Monument Building, 2035 N. Highland Ave.

Launching a four-weekend run, Everything In Between plays at 8 on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3 on Sundays through Dec. 4.

Tickets are $25, and they are priced at $10 for military and veterans.  For information and reservations:

The story: Four generations of vets, dealing with their own challenges, collaborate to help a young man coming home from the war in Afghanistan.

Lance Porter is haunted by the loss and experiences that followed him back. It destroys his relationships and life, as he knew it. When his search for solace leads him to another bar, the cynical patrons threaten to lead him further down the rabbit hole.

“Invisible injuries, often with devastating consequences, follow our soldiers back home,” says playwright Rebecca Stahl.

“I have always had a story in my head about different generations of Veterans, from all branches of the military, coming together to help one another heal. It’s about the human condition we all share and the specific condition that veterans share, along with the hope that things are somehow going to get better.”

The Cast: Jaimyon Parker, Karl Risinger, J, Kenneth Campbell, Rachel Boller, CampbellDe Silva, Caron Strong, Tania Verafield, Fred Hirz, and Johnny D.

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