‘Party Girls’ Tonight at Mayme Clayton

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The Mayme Clayton Library and Museum of Culver City this evening will host the final monthly St. Clair Bourne free screening of the season.

In cooperation with the Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers West (BAD West), the Mayme Clayton, 4130 Overland Ave., will screen “Party Girls: Exploring Politics Across America” at 7 o’clock.

The series will return on the fourth Monday in September.

 Created and directed by Michele Barnwell, Party Girls is a nonfiction series that documents a road trip taken by six politically-distinct millennial women. They were preparing to vote for the first time in last November’s presidential election.

The women,  a young Republican woman from Georgia, a far-left Democrat from Michigan, an undecided teenager from Minnesota, a preacher’s kid from Southern California, a sophomore from Florida who attends an historically black college and a Latina born in America but raised in Mexico, start the journey as strangers.

“Were we really listening to millennials, women and people of color of varying political beliefs (conservatives and liberals) before the election?” Ms. Barnwell asked.

“Would anyone listen to what they had to say (not just campaign to secure their vote)? Were people of different opinions/political parties/parts of the country talking to each other and not just about each other? What would we find if we did start talking? Would we survive the conversation or would talks implode on the first try?”

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