Digital Billboards for Fox Hills?

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Culver City Digital Sign Proposal - Proposed Sign Locations

Dear Fox Hill Residents,

The Fox Hills Neighborhood Assn. likes to keep residents informed about the neighborhood we call home.

If you attended last fall’s annual Neighborhood Association Community Forum at Newsong Church, it was brought to our attention that the Carlyle Group (a global real estate investment firm) wants to put static and digital billboard signs 14 feet x 48 feet by two freeways, the 405 and the 90.

They are calling it “Visioning for a Hospitality & Entertainment District.” Below is their proposal. The Neighborhood Association would like to inform you about two meetings coming up to learn more.

Carlyle Group Digital Billboard Proposal.

Meeting dates:

Thursday, 6 o’clock, at the Heather Village Condo Community Room, 6443 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, main gate.

If you have problems getting in, call 424-222-9539

Thursday, March 19, 6 o’clock to 8, at the Vets Auditorium, Multi-Purpose Room, 4117 Overland Ave., Culver City,

For more information, see the flyer here.

Project details:

* Project includes 10 sign faces; five are electronic and five are static.

*  All faces (with the exception of the static face (size to be determined) on the hotel building) are 14 feet in height and 48 feet in length.

* Latest technology is used for all faces and is energy efficient. The electronic signs automatically adjust to natural light and direct the light toward the intended recipients, greatly reducing ambient light.

* Revenue for Culver City calculated at 10 percent or gross advertising revenue (estimated $420,000/year).

Ms. Bayley, treasurer of the association, may be contacted at