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Here Are the District’s Needs, La Rose Says


Third in a series. Once Supt. David LaRose and Asst. Supt. Mike Reynolds, both relatively new to the School District, had completed their eyewitness inspections of the physical needs of Culver City public schools, they turned to a tantalizing

The Artworks! Online Auction – Fascinating Stuff for a Good Cause


It is time to make a bid. Farragut Elementary’s Artworks! Online Auction is open for business until this Wednesday at 10 p.m. With hundreds of items available, shoppers are bound to find

Tito’s, Morton and Public Works Celebrate the Birthday of the Trees


In perhaps the most hostile of worldwide times since dinosaurs were in charge of the planet, a brief timeout for the tender, beautifully uncomplicated act of planting a baby tree mere feet from one of the busiest intersections in the region is an appealing act that should trigger the relief app in all of our DNAs. Streetside at a lovely wedding ceremony this morning at the start of the 141st Arbor Day, Coincidence and Irony pledged their troth as strands of hometown history were united in environmental wedlock on the west side of Tito’s Tacos, one of Culver City’s legendary eateries for the past 55

Teachers Invited Back to Bargaining Table – for Next Year


By David Mielke. [Editor’s Note: An update sent by the president to members of the Teachers Union.] Friends -- As you know, earlier (November) we settled this year's negotiations with CCUSD. We bargained

Think, Please. Only a ‘No’ Vote Is Logical on Measure CC


By Michael Milligan. Tax-and-spend activists must either be seriously out-of-touch with reality or completely immune to irony. How else could anyone organize a $106 million tax increase rally on April 12, halfway between property tax day (April 10) and income tax day (April 15)? Culver City voters are smart. They already had defeated a parcel tax in 1991, because parcel taxes are so wrong in so many ways. Activists persisted, with the help of high-priced consultants (paid with your tax dollars). Their only task: To figure out

Historic Status Is Sought for Closed Culver City Ice Arena


By Tai Babilonia and Bill White. Dear Cultural Affairs Commission: We are writing in support of the nomination and designation of the Culver City Ice Arena for “significant” historic preservation status by Culver City. We support, in full, the conclusion and findings of the April 15 report prepared for Culver City by the Architectural Resources Group, Inc. (ARG). We are pleased that the ARG “study” concluded that

Lack of Safeguards in Measure CC

George Laase

The School Board’s proposed Prop. 39-type financial structure used to repay for its Measure CC bond over the next 30 years takes away too many of the financial safeguards homeowners would want to know before signing long-term mortgages: Fixed payments, and knowing the total cost of their loan. Homebuyers can look around at different home-mortgage lenders for the best financing available. In the June 3 election, however, we have but one choice

The Multi-layered Benefits of Hypnotherapy


I am not sure of the reason, but clients I have been seeing recently are the most enthusiastic about the benefits of hypnotherapy. They arrive in an excited state to find out more. They adapt quickly to what hypnosis can do. Here is what hypnotherapy can do for you

One More Boo From an Alumnus


[Editor’s Note: This letter originally appeared in the Pasadena City College Courier.] Dear Mr. Fellow: Shame on you! Shame on you for turning the victim of an illegal and immoral transgression into its perpetrator. Shame on you for undermining the reputation of Pasadena City College as a place for free and open discourse. Shame on you for

One Thing to Do to Help Yourself, Animals, and the Planet


What if you could do one thing that is good for animals, the environment, your health, and your pocketbook? What if I were to ask you to try it for just one week and see how it goes? Would you do it?read

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