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Celebrate a Victory Seven Years in the Making!


At 10:04 a.m. yesterday, Gov. Brown signed SB 270 into law, making California the first in the nation to enact a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags. The ban will take effect in July. This is history, in the moment, right

City Manager's Bi-Weekly Update to the Community


City Manager John Nachbar updates the Culver City community with news from around town. Week of September

Minimum Wage Not Just a Worthy but Vital Idea -- Meghan


A couple of weeks ago at a spacious public library in Monterey Park, Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells addressed the first in a series of intended quarterly meetings of dozens of historically disparate Los Angeles County mayors. Ms. Sahli-Wells vigorously embraced the concept and the environment, a brainchild of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, three months into his second

Race, Privilege and the Colorblind – Part I


I grew up in all-white suburbia. My grade school had zero African Americans, zero Latinos and zero Asian Americans. The only little dollop of diversity we had was a small Armenian community. My high school wasn’t much different. Out of 2,000 students, we had two – count ‘em, two! – black kids and, to the best of my recollection, one Latino. We did have three dozen Asian students. That was it. It wasn’t till I got to college that I had any meaningful contact with

Greenberg Calls Schwab on Points He Says She Ignored


Second in a series. As promised, the Farragut Drive attorney activist Les Greenberg swung back hard at City Atty. Carol Schwab after she last week rejected his claims that certain City Council members failed to disclose relationships with petitioning parties in a neighborhood parking dispute. Based on Mr. Greenberg’s reply, Ms. Schwab’s letter of last Friday was, at most, a speed bump for

Holder’s Aggressiveness Was an Asset, Says Times Essayist


Second in a series. Charles Blow, weekly essayist for The New York Times, who frequently writes on race relations, said he admired outgoing U.S. Atty. General Eric Holder for displaying the freedom to roam legally. “He never felt particularly hamstrung,” Mr. Blow said before addressing the Urban Issues Breakfast Forum last Friday at the African-American Museum. On the contrary, this was a behavior that his critics tartly and frequently cited as

Naming Metro Station for Zev? Why? Outrageous. Egotistical.


The MTA Board on Thursday plans to re-name a couple of MTA rail stations after outgoing, term-limited Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina. Thereby they will clearly establish a precedent that each and every L.A. County Supervisor upon departure from a seat on the MTA Board shall have an MTA rail station duly dedicated in his or her honor, with the MSM ignoring the protest against such an MTA Board move; instead looking on approvingly or

Hello? Interior Secretary Plans to Seize Almost Quarter of California


Under the guise of promoting "green energy," Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is spearheading a plan for the Obama administration to seize control of 22 million acres of California land. Her objective: To manage conservation and renewable energy production. This amounts to

Mark This Down: One Penny for Barabak’s Thoughts


The unintentionally funniest line in this morning’s Los Angeles Titanic was penned by Mark (I Hate Republicans) Barabak. He is one of the leading spinners of fairy tales in what passes for contemporary journalism. For a hardline leftist, this hardly makes him novel, although he routinely writes loaded propaganda, the stuff of novels, in nearly all of his “news” stories and analyses. The typical left-wing Titanic reader cannot draw a distinction reporting and interpreting, but then neither can Mr.

Write Now, Write This Down: Handwriting Will Unlock Your Secrets


Typically, my new clients are nervous and anxious visiting a hypnotist for the first time. They usually have exhausted all other options and are desperate. Many have the attitude a hypnotist can control them and their mind to gain the changes they want. This, however, is far from reality. The perception results from movies, TV shows, even a hypnotist’s stage show. Importantly a hypnotist never

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