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When I was about to return to my popup card hobby this week after a three-month hiatus, I spied my old glue gun. I hesitated to pick it up. Then I smiled. I knew that the glue gun had seen its last job. I reached for sheets of my mini glue dots. What can the glue dots do that the glue gun cannot do?read

In This War, What Is Significant About the Number Six


Dateline Jerusalem -- Normal routine as I awaken this morning to the buzzing of the Code Red Siren alert system on my computer at 6:15. Who needs an alarm? The number six must be of significance because there is a barrage of rockets around 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. most days. Once at 6 a.m., Hamas threatened to shoot at the airport in Tel Aviv yesterday, but failed to do

Making Separate Judgments on Two Kinds of Police Shootings


Dateline Dayton -- With a shooting here similar to the one in Ferguson, I am thankful we have not experienced any of their unrest and violence True, the man here had a rifle, an air rifle. Because he had a weapon, possibly folks here feel, to a degree, police were justified in taking down the young man. I am not for shoot-to-kill. I believe police must use caution. Based on what I have read, I support the police in this case. In Ferguson, too many versions of events have been told. I must

How Can Brown and Democrats Keep Green Tesla Here


And so California government now walks a tightrope, put in that position by one of the latest in the large corps of successful high-tech startups this state has spawned over the last few decades. Make a misstep in one direction and the state stands to lose a huge battery plant and 6,500 jobs. Stumble the other way and the state’s most important environmental law could be discredited, tainted by

What Slowdown? Hamas Must Be Setting a Record for Rockets


Dateline Jerusalem – At 3 a.m., I heard the drone of jets above me. I could barely keep my eyes open. Since the new policy of no Code Red Siren alerts unless rockets will fall in populated areas, the number of alarms is fewer but the number of rockets reaching Israel has not diminished. As of this moment, 11 siren alerts have been made. That seems a lot considering it covers only a period since midnight. How many siren alerts would there have been under the old policy of including the sounding of sirens in open

Attitude Toward Gaza War Hinges on Where You Live


Dateline Jerusalem -- Looks as if the cease-fire was violated at 3:47 p.m. It was supposed to end at midnight. Even though there were no Code Red Siren alerts, three rockets landed in an open area in the Be'er Sheva desert. Residents heard the explosions. A new policy says no sirens if it looks as if they will land in open areas. Immediately after, I heard our jets take off overhead. They have not stopped. Nor have the rockets into

Why Are We Chasing an ALS Cure When Doom Is Inevitable?


Speaking as the healthy half of a desperate couple with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, I was appalled by Mike Hiltzik’s anti-ALS essay in this morning’s Los Angeles Titanic. We are returning to San Francisco early next week. We are praying, we are hoping against immeasurable odds to unlock a clinical secret that at least will slow the steady progression of Diane’s disease. Coldly, Mr. Hiltzik wonders why we are

The Second Slaying of Michael Brown, Jaywalker


The instant the news broke that 18-year old Michael Brown was slain by a Ferguson cop, the inevitable happened. Police officials dusted off a well-worn Cover-Themselves template. They would either hold a press conference, publicly release, or leak documents that depicted Mr. Brown as having gang ties, smoked dope, dealt dope, had an arrest record, was a school troublemaker, or had engaged in some kind of deviant behavior. With Mr. Brown, they added to their Cover-Themselves template by waving pictures to the national press that purported to show Mr. Brown robbing a convenience store moments before he was gunned

Take Responsibility, Dr. Hutchinson

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At the ripe age of 68 years old, it is difficult to believe that Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a gentleman of considerable influence, writes with a straight face when he lays whitey at the root of the black community’s most rudimentary problems:read

State of War Is Confusing, and Fear Drives the Immediate Future


Dateline Jerusalem -- I have a new name. Call me Confused. The cease-fire was supposed to end tonight. Israel stopped train service to the south. All day I heard the rumble, at times thunder, of jets flying fast and low overhead. I even hear them now. I felt secure that the Israeli Air Force was in the sky to protect Israel. The rhetoric in Israel was that the negotiators in Cairo were not to agree to anything that could harm Israeli security. Now there is another cease-fire agreement for an extension of 24 hours, with none of the changes Israel insisted

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