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It may as well be the year 1665 for the blind, ignorant, mean-spirited manner that the Hamas-Israeli war is being covered by American newspapers – and television has been as useless as an engagement ring for a lifetime celibate. The Civil War – millennials should be informed this was before television or radio – was covered with far more precision, immensely less prejudice. From the July day the Hamas terrorists provoked Israel into war, left-wing journalists have not been this excited about doing damage since they got a weightless black man with no adult qualifications elected President of the United

McKenna Pleads for Opponent to ‘Stop Smearing Me’


As some readers probably have heard, my opponent (for the First District seat on the School Board) is engaging in a dirty smear campaign against me. (Full coverage in Thursday's LA Sentinel). They are so unethical that they are even pressuring newspaper editors to censor columnists critical of their dishonorable tactics. (Read the unpublished Soulvine columns: #1 and #2 that have appeared in

War Has Provoked Multitude of Changes in My Life


Dateline Jerusalem -- Only 56 Code Red Siren Alerts yesterday. However, that doesn't mean only 56 rockets. Sometimes several rockets are launched consecutively at Israel and only one siren sounds. One time we counted eight booms, the sound made when the Iron Dome shoots them down. But there was only one siren for all

Three New Happy Applications


It’s the name of a new app I just downloaded on my iPhone. It will help me to organize my photos by providing me with time and date information about each photo I will take, and each of the 1,000 photos I have taken in the past year that show up on iPhone’s “My Photo Stream.” I have work ahead because I will need

Before Opposing Children at the Border, Remember the St. Louis


For people familiar with the history of the runup to World War II, there is a sense of déjà vu in today’s humanitarian crisis along the Mexican border as resistance rises against the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children attempting to enter and stay in the United States. Eyewitness reports indicate that half the children coming without parents are actual refugees fleeing

Second Straight Week -- Soulvine Unchained


[Editor’s Note: The newspaper is indebted to C.J. Fowler and John Walsh, for the second week in a row, for forwarding Betty Pleasant’s popular “Soulvine” column, rejected for the second straight week by her home base, Wave Newspapers. Says Mr. Walsh: If Ms. Pleasant had white skin, this outrage would warrant coverage in the Los Angeles Times - Editor-in-Chief Mr. Davan Maharaj's violation of journalistic ethics and standards.”]read

Moms and Dads – I Want to Know Where Your Licenses Are


Dateline Dayton -- Something has to be done. I have been advocating the need for a license in order to have children. I didn't stop with just the birth mother, but requiring a license for anyone caring for a child, no matter the relationship. This week here in Dayton, a seven-month-old was mauled to death by his step-grandmother’s dog. Although the dog was a pit bull, and I personally would never own one, I don't blame

Teachers Reaffirmed as America’s Most Protected Species


When my college-age son earns his degree, I hope he chooses teaching – he never will have to worry or work very hard the rest of his days. Here is the latest reason why – the most intriguing story in this morning’s news. The Los Angeles Titanic revealed that a three-judge appellate court panel – mindful of the intimidating power of teachers unions – denied the newspaper’s bid to obtain the job performance ratings of LAUSD teachers. Parentally, Their Honors’ reasoning was:read

Culver City’s Face in the Aug. 12 McKenna v. Johnson Runoff


By The Red Queen in L.A. in her blog. Did you know there is an election in three weeks? If you do not live in LAUSD’s First District, you might be excused from awareness of it, though not if you drive anywhere within that district. You’d have to be blind (inadvisable if driving) to have overlooked the gigantic – and unethical, according to the COLA elections commission – political propaganda polluting public property in proclaiming the primacy of their favorite son, hand-ordained staff-member of County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Alex

No. 1 Mystery of the War: Why Israel’s Allies Turned Into Ice


Dateline Jerusalem – Yesterday, 112 rockets were launched at Israel. While yakking on the telephone with a friend and watching the Code Red Alerts buzzing, flashing on my computer, we were rudely interrupted by blaring sirens and booms. This necessitated a trip to my stairwell. One man, and the rest were infants, small children, and women. I probably was the

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