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Why Is the City Council Not Interested in Ficus Trees’ Issue?


By Jerry Green. First of two parts. Based on the background of how acted as an activist news outlet for the events earlier this year surrounding the Culver City Ice Arena, maybe it will be interested in publishing issues of the ficus trees, including the apparent non-response of the City

Timing of Obama Oration Was the Most Intriguing Part

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The breathtaking arrogance of President Obama, frequently found crouching off the living room behind lace curtains, was on chest-pounding display in his gimmick-strangled, easily dissected Free the Illegal Aliens speech last evening. The most revealing aspect of the worst 14 minutes in recent Presidential history, however, was his

I Sit Here Fatigued by the Church-Farragut Controversy


By George Morton. Jeepers creepers! I am tired of reading about this. Just do the freaking traffic study. If it is as bad as the Farragut Drive neighbors contend, it will

Low Fat Ice Cream -- Hmmm


After five attempts at making low-fat ice cream, I succeeded. Today I scooped out some strawberry ice cream. No, it did not taste the same as Haagen-Dazs or Good Humor. It had no minute ice chips in it, just smooth and somewhat tasty. Here’s my low-fat, low-sugar recipe

Despite Media Moral Equivalency, Israelis Are Strongly Upbeat


Dateline Jerusalem - I am home after a 15½-hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv. For the first time in 7½ years, I was not physically searched at the airport. One of my two pieces of luggage was physically inspected, though, according to a card from TSA left inside my suitcase. Either security is getting lax -- I do not think that is the case -- or they finally realize I am just a grandmother, not a threat to

Does Mr. Gotz Want Special Favors for Special People?


By Cary Anderson. It was interesting to read Michael Gotz’s letter. Somehow he thinks a “traditional community institution” should have rights over homeowners in a residential neighborhood. He seems upset that homeowners “… are afforded some (really stupid and selfish) legal rights…” Mr. Gotz doesn’t seem to realize that residential parking permit programs are a legal right not only in Culver City, but a lot of other Southern California

Here Is My Definition of True Activism


By Less Greenberg. “Actives” rule. “Inactives” should be thrown under the Big Green Bus. We learn a lot about Michael Gotz from his recent letter to the editor. First, that he believes that the actions of persons who are “active” in Culver City should not be impeded by “really stupid and selfish” laws. Second, Culver City is owned only by those who “share certain community values.” Third, “actives” do not

As Cash Register Collectors, Ka-jing, We Played It Safe


Dateline Dayton – Last week my cash register-collecting buddy Howard and I were on our way to St. Charles, IL, for the semi- annual Cash Register Collectors Club meeting and swap meet. Wednesday was a great day to travel. Little traffic. In the evening we were joined by the club's president and a member from Evansville, IN, for our traditional supper at Corfu. Thursday morning was

Stained Stockton’s Public Pension Crisis Caked in Mud


Politicians and public employees drawing pensions had high hopes they would get clarity on a key question from the federal bankruptcy judge presiding over the city of Stockton’s ongoing attempt to regain its financial health. It now appears that unique inland port city will emerge from two years of bankruptcy without

Let’s Set the Record Straight on Grace Lutheran vs. Farragut Drive


By Paulette Greenberg. One’s activity within a community does not equal goodness. Being “active” in one’s community is not equal to goodness. If so, as letter-writer Michael Gotz contends, then why are so many “active” people either in prison or ex-convicts, e.g., clergy, members of religious institutions, teachers, politicians. Goodness is what a person does in his life to make the world more whole. Goodness is defending the rights of others when the government

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