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Is the Mayor Half Empty or Half Full (of It)?


When Eric (Pardon, My Mind Is Empty) Garcetti lightly was elected mayor last year by inattentive voters, his mandate was succinct: To prove that Los Angeles could be governed by back-to-back featherweights without shrinking and tumbling into Ballona Creek. By many accounts, the last time Mr. Garcetti’s latest intersection with reality was in

County Supervisor Needs Supervision -- Mr. Ridley-Thomas Strikes Out Again


On purpose, again, County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas forgot to don his anti-gaffe business suit when he was dressing for work on Monday morning. Shame on him. Bowing low to his worst political instincts, the County Supervisor, laughing off temptation to do the right thing, folded his knees and went for the clown moment, as he too frequently

Group Is Aiming for a National Rule Outlawing Fracking


At Food and Water Watch, we have been working with U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) to craft a national bill to ban fracking on all public lands. It would be the strongest piece of federal legislation against fracking to date. Rep. Pocan and co-sponsor Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced the bill. We couldn't have achieved this victory without all the emails, letters, calls, office visits and contributions from Food & Water Watch supporters, so thank you!read

‘Public Has to Know Where Every Booster Club Dollar Goes’


It is not clear what route last month’s warning letter from the state Attorney General took when it reached the Culver City High School Booster Club. Evidently it was not an alarm-bell priority. The club president said yesterday he would have to search for it – shortly before contacting Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris’s office to assure

Too Busy Protesting to Take Time to Mourn Latest Slaughter


“Taliban Massacres 100-plus Students” screamed the lead headline this morning in the unapologetically left-wing Huffington Post. Sadly, the core of HuffPo’s self-absorbed lefty readers is unavailable to join mourning parents in the Pakistani community of

Speaking Directly or with Inference Can Be Confusing


When a client asks how many sessions it will take to resolve an issue, I always the same answer: Minimum of three, maximum of six. I tell them many years ago when I started as a hypnotist, I was certain every client needed six sessions one week apart. If they did not follow the prescribed sessions, they would be

Not Everybody Sees Beiter’s Retirement Through Fair Lenses

Robert Rosebrock

Here is a front page story in the Brentwood News and on Westside Today's website regarding Donna Beiter's Dec. 31 retirement from the VA. See how onesided, how deceptive the story is to protect the real truth. Our understanding is Ms. Beiter was to appear before

Does Poverty Cause Crime or Does Crime Cause Poverty?

Editor's Essays

First in a series. In the days since the Ferguson grand jury returned its verdict on hulking bad guy Mike Brown, aggrieved liberals have engaged so industriously in hand-wringing in their desperate search for a culprit not named Brown, they have not had time to cleanse their 10 digits. They contend that Mr. Brown is not at fault. Sure, he robbed a store. Sure, he terrorized a young cop 50 percent his size. But he is blameless. He grew up poor and black in a poor black community. Poverty, baby, is the villain’s name. How can the eternal American political circle that contends poverty directly causes crime be broken?read

Here is True Enhanced Torture -- of Homeless Veterans by the VA

Robert Rosebrock

EIT vs ESA ... What's the Difference? As we know, a flood of politicians and bureaucrats on TV, cable, radio, newspapers and the internet have reported that the CIA purportedly tortured a few terrorist enemy combatants. Reporting has been pouring down with more inundation than a monsoon. Incessant sympathy toward a few terrorist thugs whose sole mission is to

Community Meeting on Housing: When? How Does Halloween Sound?


A veteran City Hall critic this morning posed a rich and timely question: If a community meeting to talk over the fairly abstract topic of affordable housing and the even grayer prospects of the Landlord Tenant Mediation Board, why not strike now? Call the meeting for a few days ahead, soon as legally allowable?read

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