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Holly Mitchell and Her People

From Sydney Kamlager

By any measurement, Assemblymember Holly Mitchell’s (D-Culver City) roster of lay helpers — community people — is remarkably impressive.

As was reported yesterday, last Friday afternoon’s Year in Review Event at the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum was Assemblymember Mitchell's opportunity to thank many of her volunteers and Community Cabinet members for their hard work and dedication during the year.

The Community Cabinet is a group of active civic- minded folks, everyday people, who care about the 47th Assembly District and want to be engaged.

There are four cabinet committees — Small Business, Environment, Education and Health.

Many of the events put on by Assemblymember Mitchell were done so through working with the cabinet members — residents of the 47th who are committed to finding and sharing useful information and resources that will keep the district active, vibrant, and involved in government.

Aaron Thomas
Adriana Mendez
Aggy Barbero
Alan Bell
Amaechina D. Haywood
Ben Alkaly
Bernard Dory
Brenda Chatham
Brian A. Barreto
Carol Lockett
Cary Earle
Catherine Vargas
Charles Taylor
Connye L. Thomas
Cynthia Marshall
Dan Henrickson
D'Ann Morris
David McNeil
David Carranza
Deja Edmonds
Deshawn Diaz
Diane E. Watson
Donna Roberts
Donna Benton
Doris Moore
Earl Trusty
Ed Stewart
Ed Munoz
Eva Green
Francesca Vega
Gerardo Pinedo
Goran Erickson
Grace Weltman
Gwen McClendon
Gwendolyn Jordan
Harold Boger
Hortense Stewart
Ina Shied
Ingeborg Prochazka
James Koopman
Janice Pettis
Janny Kum
Jason Lombard
Jay Allen
Jeff Taylor
Jim Shanman
Jim Lamm
Jim Clarke
Joy Atkinson
Joy Lusco Kecken
Joyce Jones-Guinyard
Judy Parr
Juliana Reed
Juliana Mims
Karen Leonard
Karla Ramos
Karlo Silbiger
Kashmir Hyder
Kathy Paspalis
Keith Weaver
Kela Orduna
Kelli Fallon
Kendal Frankle
Kinikki Fullerwood
L J Carusone
Laphonza Butler
Lark Galloway-Gilliam
Larry Parilla
Larry Humphreys
Lili Singer
Lisa Finkelstein
Lisa Singer
Lisa Stewart
Loni Anderson
Loretta Jones
Mahari Mengistu
Marilyn Lawrence
Mark Langton
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Matthew Guthrey
Meghan Sahli-Wells
Mehera Christian
Michael Ellington
Michele Reed
Mpingo Griffin
Pamela Crawford
Pamela Norris
Pat Hines
Patricia Kytlica
Paula Waxman
Presley Burroughs
Rochelle Carey
Ron Durgin
Rose A. Garbario
Samona Caldwell
Sandy Wiener
Sarah Hays
Seema Choksy
Shawn McAdory
Shelly Wolfberg
Sheree Brown
Stan Eubanks
Steve Irvin
Steve Nissen
Steve Rose
Sylvia Johnson
Sylvia Moore
Tamara Bivens
Tessa Charnofsky
Tom Camarella
Tracy Thomas
Willis Edwards
Zna Houston

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