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Pasadena Mystery: Journalism Prof Suddenly Put on Leave. Shhh.

Re “PCC/Rocha Issue: Mismanagement of College Resources”

[Editor’s Note: In the continually widening fiery debate on campus over the controversial tenure and conduct of Pasadena City College President Mark Rocha, a potentially explosive dismissal just has been recorded. The following report is from a campus source.]

Dr. Mark Rocha You may be interested to know that as of yesterday afternoon, a fellow journalist has been escorted off campus. He is to pick up his things today at noon at the Campus Center Courier office (the school newspaper).

He has not been formally charged.

This is very suspicious since finally the Courier has started publishing a lot of bad press on the President.

In fact, the last issue was 90 percent about vote of no-confidence.

Below is yesterday’s Courier story:

Courier adviser put on administrative leave

A journalism professor who advises the Courier has suddenly been put on administrative leave.

Warren Swil, who has advised the Courier since 2007, has been told that he is not allowed to comment on being placed on administrative leave.

“I’m not at liberty to speak about it,” Swil said.

Joe Futtner, the dean of the visual arts and media studies division, said that Swil’s leave will continue, “pending the outcome of an investigation.” Futtner added that the nature of the complaint is confidential.

"The administration’s attention is to immediately address the needs of the students,” Futtner said. “We hope to have an instructor in place for the [journalism] classes and for the publishing of the Courier.”

According to English major Madison Miranda, also the assistant online editor of the Courier, the morning before class seemed to be going well.

“I saw him on the way to class and he said Hi,” Miranda said. “It just seems weird that he just wasn’t [in the newsroom].”

The Courier will continue to publish online and in the print edition every Thursday, as planned.

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