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More Than 100 Help Zeidman Re-election Campaign

When School Board President Scott Zeidman launched his re-election campaign on Saturday with a party at the home of Mr. Culver City, Mike Cohen, more than 100 residents, including almost two dozen Culver City students, showed up to support the businessman-attorney.

Candidate Zeidman, third from left, is surrounded by his favorite supporters

From left, former Mayor Alan Corlin, John Kuechle, Scott Zeidman, Nancy Kuechle, and George Laase

“It’s truly amazing,” Mr. Zeidman said.

“Four years ago, when I ran the first time, my kick-off party was my wife Aileen, and our sons Jason and Brandon. I think our next door neighbors came by, too.

“This year, the support has been amazing. We have Mayor Mehaul O’Leary, former Mayors Andy Weissman, Alan Corlin, Sandi Levin, Steve Rose, Dave Hauptman, Board members Steve Gourley and Kathy Paspalis, and two former School Board Presidents, Dana Russell and Madeline Ehrlich.”

Mr. Zeidman also is supported by state Sen. Curren Price (D-Culver City), state Assemblymember Holly Mitchell (D-Culver City), all five members of the City Council, a total of nine former Culver City mayors, three sitting School Board members, five former Board Presidents, and more than 450 others.

“I guess if you work hard, listen to the public, and do what’s best for the district, then people notice,” Mr. Zeidman said. “It was great to see so many people.”

During his brief presentation, Mr. Zeidman counted off some of the accomplishments of the Board over the past four years:

• “Together, we have raised over $6 million by passing measure EE;”

• “Together we have finally placed a cap size on middle and high school, thereby limiting the number of inter-district permits students allowed into the Culver City School District;”

•“Together, we raised the academic requirements for those on inter-district permits;”

• “Together, we have saved counselors, classroom aides and others who would have lost their jobs due to the budget crisis.”

Mr. Zeidman said that his work was far from over, and that he wanted to finish what he has started.

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