Nearly a Half-Century

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

On Sept. 1, Pauline and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.

With our present schedule, we decided to celebrate by going out for a nice lunch. We will be going on a Caribbean cruise in October.

Collector’s Paradise

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Previously I have written about items I collect.

Today I will share my mug collection. No, I don’t collect pictures that have been on display at the Post Office.

Thank You, Hollywood

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Since 1866, the magnificent edifice at First and Main streets in Dayton, Ohio, has held many names and forms.

It opened on Jan. 1, 1866 as the Turner Opera House, enjoying three years of success before fire consumed the hall.


Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Another item I collect, which I neglected to list in my article on collecting, is slot cards and room keys.

Yes, I’m talking about the credit card-size plastic cards you get at casinos for joining their “club” and room keys from hotels and motels.


Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Pauline and I are very fortunate to have 10 grandchildren, three boys and seven girls.

This year we’re enjoying a unique experience. Our oldest granddaughter, Heather, is spending the summer.

The Auction

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

A week ago Saturday, I went home to attend an auction with my sister at the company where our father had worked for over 50 years.

It was great to be back in the building, but at the same time it was sad. Here was a company that was in business for over 100 years, and now it’s only a memory.

A New Old Federal Policy

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Being a grandfather, I’m very concerned with what Washington is doing to my grandchildren by throwing money at our problems.

Now they are taking on health care, which does need work. But what will be the cost of this change?

Uncle Paul

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Uncle Paul was born in a small town in Ohio.

Pleasant Hill doesn’t even have a traffic light.

Children — and Licensing

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

From a previous article of mine, you are aware that I am opposed to abortion.

Another concern I have is the amount of child abuse in this country.