A Visit to the Learning Tree Farm

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Some time ago, I told you about working Autumn Fest for the Learning Tree Farm. I have been involved with the Farm most of its existence in one manner or another. Today I would like to share with you the Farm’s story.

On Land and Sea

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

You are invited to read about the cruise Pauline and I took last week.

Unlike going to the home of friends, where you might be required to view a movie or look at pictures, you may, at any time, just stop reading and move on the another fine article.

Silver Strikes

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Another of my collecting interests is something that comes from the West, namely Las Vegas.

On our first trip to Vegas, about ten years ago, I was walking around a casino, people-watching, while my wife was playing a slot machine.

Most slot machines do not get excited, and I don’t have enough nerve, or money, to play any table games.

Therefore, I spend a lot of time people watching.

Rushing the Season?

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

It’s time for me to get on my soapbox because I have seen an advertisement for Christmas on television. Twice.

True, it was for a type of card they wanted me to purchase, to make my shopping experience more enjoyable.

I don’t believe any type of card is capable of making my shopping experience more enjoyable, unless, possibly, they were giving me a card that didn’t need to be purchased or repaid.

I dread the holiday.

September — A Month to Dye for

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Where has the month gone?

Over Labor Day weekend, Pauline and I attended my 50 high school class reunion.
I couldn’t believe how young we looked as a group, realizing, of course, most the girls probably dyed their hair and possibly even some of the guys.

I was thinking about dying mine to cover just some of the gray, however, on second thought, I figured that I’ve earned every one of my gray hairs. One thing I do have going for me is a full head of hair, which is more than some had.

Even better than a young looking class was the fact that those of us present were healthy.

The Model T

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

In a previous article I mentioned having a 1926 Model “T” Ford, and I would like to share with you its history.

Many years ago, our Uncle Paul found a certain Model T sitting in a field, in Michigan.

Nearly a Half-Century

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

On Sept. 1, Pauline and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.

With our present schedule, we decided to celebrate by going out for a nice lunch. We will be going on a Caribbean cruise in October.

Collector’s Paradise

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Previously I have written about items I collect.

Today I will share my mug collection. No, I don’t collect pictures that have been on display at the Post Office.

Thank You, Hollywood

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Since 1866, the magnificent edifice at First and Main streets in Dayton, Ohio, has held many names and forms.

It opened on Jan. 1, 1866 as the Turner Opera House, enjoying three years of success before fire consumed the hall.