Itching to Go to a Flea Market?

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Being a collector, I enjoy going to flea markets and antique shows.

Sometimes I will set up at a flea market, as I did last weekend.

I used to participate in the outdoor markets. They are less expensive, and I don’t have many, if any, high end items to sell.

Thanksgiving Was Nice, but…

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Normally for us, Thanksgiving Day means attending church first, and then Pauline cooks a meal for the family.

Swimming in a Sea of Gratitude

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

This year on Thanksgiving Day, we might think it will not be as easy as it has been in the past to find a reason to be thankful.

Cash Register Club

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Last Thursday, a collector friend and I went to St Charles,IL, for the fall meeting of the Cash Register Collectors Club.

A fast trip. We left early Thursday, and we were on our way home before noon Friday.

Chip Show

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

This past weekend, my wife, sister, brother-in-law and I traveled to Michigan, to Battle Creek, not for cereal, but for the Great Lakes Chip Show.


Mike HennesseyOP-ED

I have always been a saver.

Anything I think might have some monetary worth now or in the future, I keep.

A Visit to the Learning Tree Farm

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Some time ago, I told you about working Autumn Fest for the Learning Tree Farm. I have been involved with the Farm most of its existence in one manner or another. Today I would like to share with you the Farm’s story.

On Land and Sea

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

You are invited to read about the cruise Pauline and I took last week.

Unlike going to the home of friends, where you might be required to view a movie or look at pictures, you may, at any time, just stop reading and move on the another fine article.

Silver Strikes

Mike HennesseyOP-ED

Another of my collecting interests is something that comes from the West, namely Las Vegas.

On our first trip to Vegas, about ten years ago, I was walking around a casino, people-watching, while my wife was playing a slot machine.

Most slot machines do not get excited, and I don’t have enough nerve, or money, to play any table games.

Therefore, I spend a lot of time people watching.