When You Have Decided to Quit Smoking

Nicholas PollakOP-ED

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things anyone can accomplish.

People start smoking for two main reasons: Peer pressure and self-image.

Two Faces of Addiction in a Relationship

Nicholas PollakOP-ED

Unconditional love may well be the core of most people’s relationships.

This is where we completely accept all of our partner’s quirks and foibles, and, still love him or her no matter how the person behaves.

How to Communicate More Effectively

Nicholas PollakOP-ED

Have you ever wondered how we communicate?

I know. We consciously think of what we want to say, wind passes through our vocal chords, they vibrate and words come out.

How to Change a Longtime Habit

Nicholas PollakOP-ED

We are 100 percent successful in whatever we have put our minds to.

If we had not been, we would not be where we are today, wherever that may be.

How and Why Thinking Positively Will Improve Your Outlook

Nicholas PollakOP-ED

In these troubled times we are constantly being barraged by continuous negative news.

Banks on the brink of failure, our economy on the brink of failure, manufacturing declining, high job losses, states unable to pay their bills, major companies going bankrupt, our housing crisis, and they go on.