Israel’s First Law: Protect at All Times

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Iron Domeis a mobile all-weather air defense system

Dateline Jerusalem — I am fascinated by Israeli intelligence, technology and ingenuity. Start with the Iron Dome aerial defense system. It was invented to shoot down rockets and missiles that rain on Israeli cities, thus limiting the number of Israeli civilian casualties. The Iron Dome is why there was an extremely low number of Israeli civilian deaths during the war with … Read More

One More Round of Grandmother Stories

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Second of two parts   Re “Ancient Jewish Customs Ae Revered Because…”   Dateline Jerusalem – Here are reflections on a few more bubbe mesises (Jewish grandmother stories).   Sometimes I will tell a story and another person will sneeze.  I always say, “you sneezed to the truth.”  Sneezing to the truth of a matter is a common Jewish bubbe … Read More

Ancient Jewish Customs Are Revered Because…

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First of two parts   Dateline Jerusalem — Bubba meises – Yiddish for grandmother stories — are old wives’ tales handed down for generations. I used to love to listen to my grandmother who lived to 100, may she rest in peace.   She told me of customs and traditions passed down in her family. She did not know the … Read More

How Can You Seriously Call This a War Zone?

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Dateline Jerusalem — What country was ranked the seventh happiest in the world?  (Not the U.S. or Britain.) What country was ranked third best to raise a family? (The U.S. was 32nd.) What country could claim only 10 percent of its citizens were crime victims last year? (An estimated 14-19 percent of U.S. citizens were victims.) What country had half … Read More

Visiting the Tasty Traditions of Rosh Hashana

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Dateline Jerusalem — In a couple of weeks we will celebrate the birth of mankind, 5,778 years ago.  G-d created man. The next day He rested. This year is particularly significant in that Shabbat, the day of rest for Jews, immediately follows Rosh Hashana. As with most Jewish holidays, after spending the evening before and the day of in prayer, … Read More

Jerusalem — A Familiar Trip of Memorable Beauty

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Kotel plaza

Dateline Jerusalem — I have been blessed with a rich and rewarding life that includes a wonderful family, numerous friends, and freedoms from having lived in the two greatest democracies in the world, Israel and the United States. Thank you, G-d.  Therefore, what better way to express my thanks than to travel to Jerusalem and pray to G-d where it … Read More

True Personal Meaning of Our New Year

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One perspective on the eclipse

Dateline Jerusalem — Many Israelis have asked me why people in the United States were so excited about the total solar eclipse this week. Many of my American friends and relatives traveled out of their states to get a better view from areas in the direct path of the eclipse. Others bought special glasses so the eclipse could be seen … Read More

Listen Closely. Love Is in the Air

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Traditional way to celebrate Tu B’av

Dateline Jerusalem — The Festival of Love was celebrated in Israel this week. The minor religious holiday of Tu B’Av, the 15th of the month of Av, often is likened to the pagan holiday of Valentine’s Day. In reality, it is very different. It began one thousand years before St. Valentine or Sadie Hawkins days ever existed, and is called … Read More

Look to the Skies for a Miracle

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Israel’s Adir

Dateline Jerusalem – “Adir, Adir, Adir,” shop owners and customers cried out enthusiastically as they ran outside to watch the glorious Israeli Adir F-35I stealth fighter. The jet was flying low in the clear blue skies above us in an area just outside my city. I actually got goose bumps on my arms as the jet whizzed by and seemed … Read More

Cooking Favorite Foods Inside Israeli Melting Pot

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Dateline Jerusalem — Israel is the quintessential melting pot.  My small city of 150,000 is comprised of 70 nationalities, resulting in a gathering of different cultures, traditions, customs, religions, languages, and food. Although keeping their distinctive identities, they blend into a cohesive “Israeli” community.  Therefore, living in Israel is like going on a tour of the world without the hassle … Read More