Vera and Lee Take Opposing Pot Paths

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Council candidate Daniel Lee, center front, is flanked by Vice Mayor Thomas Small, Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells, far left, and School Board member Dr. Kelly Kent

April’s two-seat election for the City Council may have become easier for voters to decide on Monday night. Two of the candidates – Albert Vera and Daniel Lee — came down on opposing sides in the heavy but onesided debate over cannabis retail regulations, perils and the belated release of the proposed but far from finalized rules for selling pot. … Read More

On a Rocky Night, Cannabis Rules Are Endorsed

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Meghan Sahli-Wells

Not only was there no doubt that the first reading of massive, thorny, remarkably complex new cannabis regulations was going to sail home a winner last evening, the supremely confident City Council majority repeatedly declared it would not brook criticism of its self-perceived admirable work. Councilmen Jim Clarke and Goran Eriksson could have stayed home. Actually, Mr. Clarke did phone … Read More

O’Leary Says He Stood up When Needed

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Mr. O'Leary, right, with Richard Ochoa, former Civil Service Commission member

Re “Mehaul Is Back Because He Misses Politics” Getting more than a six-month jump on June’s primary election for the state Board of Equalization, Mehaul O’Leary said he is returning to politics “because I have missed being the thorn most. “I mean that in a good way,” said the termed-out two-term former City Councilman. “I know that I was sometimes … Read More

Bixby Dilemma: Too Many, Too Few Questions. Which Is it?

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Mr. Becerra’s role model?

By now, Police Chief Scott Bixby is quite familiar with the Racial and Identity Profiling Act that requires law enforcement to record the approximate race and gender of everyone they stop. And whether they are vegan or normal. They also have to note how-a well-a da poi-son speaks da Ingles. If he is mute, they must judge what language he … Read More

A Race to Color Some Guys Bad

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Assemblyperson Shirley Weber

Second of two parts   Re “Does This Mean Only Certain Bad Guys Can Be Arrested?”  For most of the next five years, Culver City police offices generously will be permitted to arrest bad guys. What a concept. Especially for a sanctuary city. Liberals this year ruled that certain (non-English-speaking) lawbreakers who agree with them politically may live here in … Read More

How Dare You, Says Apple – Bang!

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Ms. Young Smith

You vill obey every law. Or you vill be punished. This is the funniest/saddest/most ironic story of the week — until the Thanksgiving turkey spills. We are indebted to for exposing the wildest leftist fakery this side of laughable Robbie Abcarian of the laughable Los Angeles Times. The darlings of diversity get docked again for irretrievable dopiness. It seems … Read More

Fisch Perfect Fit for Old and New Culver City?

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Mr. Fisch, wife Julie Bernard, with their family

When City Council candidate  Alex Fisch says “I bring a lot of experience to this job,” here is what he means: “I have been interested in cities since I moved from rural Ventura County (outside of Camarillo) to Berkeley. “Berkeley is not a place I necessarily would want to emulate. “The difference really was invigorating,” says tall, suave Mr. Fisch. … Read More

Does This Mean Only Certain Bad Guys Can Be Arrested?

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‘Are you white or non-white, Mr. Criminal?’

First of two parts As long as tilted Democrat racists are in charge of our state Legislature, they are committed to creating pathways for bad guys to avoid punishment – not to mention the clownish formulation of sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. Kevin de Leon and the boys are on an undeterrable mission to intimidate police officers and to prevent … Read More

Council Rushing Too Fast on Cannabis — Eriksson

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There was Goran Eriksson, the verbally nimble City Councilman, blithely tooling down a freeway yesterday morning – in his native Sweden – when the newspaper caught up with him. At Monday’s Council meeting, Culver City’s intensely controversial regulations governing now-legal retail cannabis are to be finalized. Mr. Eriksson, a stout opponent of retail cannabis, does not know what to anticipate … Read More

A Bite the Firing Party Did Not Anticipate

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On a day of delicious irony, an extraordinary moment played out the other evening on Los Angeles radio, which doesn’t attract sufficient attention in this town. Nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder, the popular Sage from South Central, now heard evenings on 870-AM, called out the left-wing Democrat program director still lurking in the halls of KABC radio. Mr. … Read More