I Am Getting Healthier, but…

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Just in the past few weeks, four important health aspects of my life have shown improvement. As I age, all is not going downhill, it seems. My Sleep My sleep has improved, apparently due to a combination of the following: After much experimentation, trying to sleep with each of the 14 pillows in my house, I finally decided that my … Read More

I Meant to Do It Much Earlier

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Just when I thought I had completed all projects around the house that I want and/or need to do, here come a few more. Today is one of those unusual days when I have nothing else to do but projects. Thank the Lord. The Sprinkler Our sprinkler systems have changed over the 30-odd years we have lived in this house. … Read More

A Mighty Sweet Way to Preserve My Health

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Last week while browsing the aisles in Costco, I discovered and purchased a 64 oz. bottle of Mighty Mango, one of the Naked juice flavors. It was delicious. I only needed to dilute it half-and-half to get a great flavor and the benefit of a thick drink. Why a thick drink, you ask? A thickened drink, i.e., almost anything thicker … Read More

Sorry, Kid. Time for You to Go Away

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Hound is a relatively new voice assistant app that seems better than Google and Siri. I just discovered and began to play with Hound this morning.  Here are some of the things I asked Siri and Hound – and only Hound could answer. How much sugar is in 8 strawberries, 12 grapes, 2 bananas and an orange?  Did it rain … Read More

Our Own Hotel: Room for 15!

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Since I started using the S+ sleep device to track my sleep, I have been thinking about how to get a better night’s sleep. I realized this week that my very famous MyPillow was not very comfortable after all.  I have been using MyPillow on and off since I bought it almost one year ago. With all its hype, I … Read More

May I Introduce You to a Few Older People?

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I have been doing genealogy for 40 years, since 1977.  At that time there was no Ancestry.com. I went to the Mormon Family History Library in West Los Angeles to do my research. There, on microfilm, were records of the Jews in Poland, including my great- grandfather.  I photocopied 100 of those records, spread them out on the floor, and … Read More

Now I Am Sleeping Creatively

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After one month of sleeping next to my SleepScore S+ device, I am ready to present some findings.   BTW, the new SleepScore Max, which will replace the S+, is due to arrive next month. It will be interesting to see what differences there are between the two devices.   In addition to sending signals to measure my breathing at … Read More

Getting to Know Four Holy Men

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Rabb Isaac Luria

I enjoy learning about the lives of the Jewish bible commentators.  This week I read about four rabbis who were given the title “the holy” after their names.   In Hebrew, the title “the Holy” is HaKodesh or Hakadosh.  Here is a little information about each of these four rabbis.   Rabbi Moshe Alshich HaKodesh, aka Alshich   Born in … Read More

A Secret About My Ancestor 34,000 Years Ago…

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23andMe is the name of Ancestry’s individualized DNA program. For $200, and a sample of my saliva, Ancestry sent me a link to a website showing my ancestral lineage, and my genetic health findings.   Ancestry Findings My ancestral lineage is 99.5 percent Ashkenazi Jewish.  I always wondered if the reason my aunt was of dark complexion was a Sephardic … Read More

You Won’t Fall Asleep Reading This Essay

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I never wanted to go in for a sleep study. The thought of sleeping with electrodes attached to my body sounded so unnatural. Then a week ago, I was reading my son-in-law’s Popular Science magazine.  I came across an ad for a $150 sleep device that would measure all aspects of my sleep without wires. I learned that the device, … Read More