Have You Heard This Before? Duh…

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Here are my most recent Duh experiences.  I have them all the time, but this week I wrote them down to remember and report on them. Duh #87:  Toenail Scissor Sterilization I love little bottles of hand sanitizer.  I can easily carry one in my pocket, ready to clean the hands of my grandchildren, my wife, and my own.  Every … Read More

I Am Holding It All Together with (Flex) Tape

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You have likely seen the infomercial. It is called Flex Tape. Not only waterproof, it sticks to anything. The instructions tell you not to try to remove it. You won’t be able to. The infomercial shows the tape being slapped on, and successfully sealing, a leaky pipe, a hole in a bucket full of water, and a divided motorboat, which … Read More

I Can Taste a New Hobby Coming on

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Let’s talk about Fudgsicles. If you’re as old as I am, you probably ate fudgsicles when you were a kid. How about Creamsicles? How about Good Humor ice cream? How about Bungalow bar? Fudgsicles appeared in 1946, when I was six years old. I must have eaten them  until beginning high school eight years later. How did fudgsicles come back … Read More

Happy Birthday, Mom, for the 100th Time

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I suppose because I still have a mom I let myself feel like a kid. And by the way, to act like a kid sometimes, too. Mom’s 100th birthday was yesterday. For weeks I was busy planning the party, largely from the standpoint of kids.  I know. It was a party for a hundred-year-old, not for kids. But I so … Read More

Blameless Veterans Implicated by L.A. Times?

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Homeless veteran Kevin Eugene Powell in West L.A. Photo, Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans, A front-page essay in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times is about the recent Bel-Air fire that destroyed multi-million-dollar mansions, and a homeless encampment purportedly nearby that is accused of starting it. Since the purported homeless encampment apparently vanished in the fire, the Times went across the 405 Freeway and took a photo of a homeless … Read More

I Am Getting Healthier, but…

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Just in the past few weeks, four important health aspects of my life have shown improvement. As I age, all is not going downhill, it seems. My Sleep My sleep has improved, apparently due to a combination of the following: After much experimentation, trying to sleep with each of the 14 pillows in my house, I finally decided that my … Read More

I Meant to Do It Much Earlier

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Just when I thought I had completed all projects around the house that I want and/or need to do, here come a few more. Today is one of those unusual days when I have nothing else to do but projects. Thank the Lord. The Sprinkler Our sprinkler systems have changed over the 30-odd years we have lived in this house. … Read More

A Mighty Sweet Way to Preserve My Health

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Last week while browsing the aisles in Costco, I discovered and purchased a 64 oz. bottle of Mighty Mango, one of the Naked juice flavors. It was delicious. I only needed to dilute it half-and-half to get a great flavor and the benefit of a thick drink. Why a thick drink, you ask? A thickened drink, i.e., almost anything thicker … Read More

Sorry, Kid. Time for You to Go Away

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Hound is a relatively new voice assistant app that seems better than Google and Siri. I just discovered and began to play with Hound this morning.  Here are some of the things I asked Siri and Hound – and only Hound could answer. How much sugar is in 8 strawberries, 12 grapes, 2 bananas and an orange?  Did it rain … Read More