Meet My New TV Hero

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TV shows and movies starring superheroes are fine, but they are not my cup of tea.   I mean, didn’t you expect the bullets to bounce off Superman?   Wasn’t it a foregone conclusion that Wonder Woman would defeat 12 armed attackers?   I enjoy watching heroes who are more like me – quirky and unassuming, with a savant flare … Read More

Avatars for Great-Grandma Sue’s Party

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In just three short months, it will be my mother’s 100th birthday. I am getting ready to produce a 15-minute video presentation to show at Great-Grandma Sue’s birthday party. The presentation, made with iMovie, will consist of photos and video clips, and will be projected onto a large screen in my living room. Some photos go back to my mom’s … Read More

Uh, Alexa, Will You Marry Me?

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Alexa now lives in our kitchen, bedroom and computer room.  Here are some of the ways my wife and I interact with her.  All we need to say is, “Alexa, . . .   Play jazz, Chopin, “That’s Amore,” 1070 AM, oldies, a thunderstorm, or the news. What is that song?   Read Tom Sawyer (free from Audible this month). … Read More

And Peppa the Pig Makes Three of Us

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I enjoy watching Peppa the Pig with my three-year-old granddaughter. It is a fascinating cartoon series aimed at preschoolers, which my granddaughter gets to watch on Sundays via YouTube. And, I am lucky to get to watch it when I am there with her. Peppa and her family, as well as her many animal friends, enjoy adventures together in short, … Read More

My Android Hid in the Darnedest Place

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Last night I was using my new Android LG phone to test my Piper security system. Just before going to bed, I looked for my phone. Nowhere in sight. I called my phone to no avail. I realized the ringer was silenced. I looked everywhere for the phone. I thought, “I wish my Android had an app like Find My … Read More

Be Sensitive. Phones Have Pheelings, Too

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Last week I talked about my two computer loves.  Today I will talk about my two cell phone loves. My story began a month ago when I realized my wonderful iPhone 6 no longer was able to provide Waze, my wonderful navigation app, with a GPS signal. If that wasn’t enough, the iPhone’s wi-fi signal was terrible. I soon learned … Read More

My Love Affair with Two…Computers

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For the first 20 years of my computing life, I suffered with viruses that occasionally plagued my PC computers. For the past seven wonderful years, I have enjoyed my iMac desktop computer. I still enjoy it. But now it has a new cousin, and it has to share my time. I just purchased my very first laptop. I know. Where … Read More

Instinct Is a Potential Friar’s Best Friend

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What is a friar? you ask. Friar is a Hebrew term used mostly by Israelis to indicate a person who is easily taken advantage of.  IMHO, friar is a pejorative term. The friar is characterized as a weak individual. When I arrived in Israel 40 years ago, I was sized up pretty quickly as a friar. “Don’t be a friar,” … Read More

Magic Words That Create Peace

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Mr. Ebsen

How often has somebody said something to you that rubs you the wrong way? What have you done about it? I’ll tell you what my wife and I do about it. And it works for us. Maybe it can work for you, too. Here is a scenario: Wife: “How about we work on the house today?” Husband: [Thinking: “Oh, my … Read More

Time to Play Games with Alexa

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I’m having a lot of fun creating three games for my Alexa.  I estimate that I am only days away from completing the first game, and publishing it on the Alexa Skills platform ( Each of the three games I am making has dynamic content. That means, even after the game is published, I can make modifications to the program … Read More