Did We Lose Connection?

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Ten dollars plus a lucky find in the garage is all it took to have an excellent wi-fi signal throughout my house. Duh. For years, we have struggled with the wi-fi connection in the bedroom and the TV room.  The only room in the house with good wi-fi connection was the computer room, where my Airport Express sat. It turns … Read More

Cutting Cords Brings Positive Changes

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Robert Ebsen
Robert Ebsen

I just cut the first cord. After three days with my new YouTube TV, I called my cable company, DirecTV, and told them to cancel my subscription. I access YouTube TV by means of Apple TV. And Apple TV comes with a fantastic remote. With that remote I can turn the television on and off, and I can fast forward … Read More

Hey, Son-in-Law, What Is Next?

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Thanks go to my son-in-law for good ideas on saving money.  Last weekend he alerted me to the new YouTube TV. The main reason I chose my current TV provider, DirecTV, is that I can record four shows at once.  The service costs me $87 per month. I am now trying a free month of internet-based YouTube TV.  I like … Read More

Modern Game That Can Be Baffling

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Mr. Ebsen

I thought maybe I could do it. I tried hard. I watched many YouTube videos and read many online articles. But today, one week after my Amazon Dot arrived, I decided enough. I am talking about programming my Alexa, using JavaScript to make original games from scratch. Yes, there are a few game templates available online such as facts, quizzes … Read More

Alexa, Please Read (and Enjoy) My Essay

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Siri has competition in my house.  Alexa is the new star. For $40, Amazon delivered the wonderful Echo Dot, which now sits next to my computer. Me: Alexa, tell me a joke.  (As you can see, I love this feature. Here are two jokes I just heard: Alexa: I took the shell off my racing snail to make him faster. … Read More

You Should Read This Sitting Down

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Twenty years ago I purchased a porta-potty from Sears. A month ago I asked Siri to add a reminder that I need to practice the portable toilet.  Today I learned to use it. Having a portable toilet at my disposal (pardon the pun) is second on my earthquake preparedness list, just below gallons of water. I was curious about how … Read More

A Role Where Lying (Down) Is Required

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Our star essayist is holding an invisible Do Not Disturb sign

Haven’t you dreamed of lying on a hammock with your shoes off, and a drink nearby? Well, my hammock dream has come true. The Sunnydaze hammock from Amazon ($110) set up so easily I couldn’t believe it. No tools necessary, it said. Right. The hammock frame snapped together in 5 minutes. Time to hang the hammock on the frame: 1 … Read More

Here Is How You Hold Everything Together

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I discovered Sugru last week while surfing Amazon. I have been blown away while playing with it since it arrived in the mail. Sugru is the best thing since duct tape and super glue. Sugru solves problems that tapes and glues cannot solve. Sugru looks and feels like a combination of clay and Play-Doh. It will fix most anything.  Sugru … Read More

A Man Flush with Frustration

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This time the plunger did not free up the toilet.  In fact, both toilets and the shower were backing up last Sunday.  What to do? I heard the jingle in my head: Mike Diamond — The smell-good plumber – only $99 to clear your drain. The smell-good plumber arrived.  He said there was no way he could work on my … Read More

Cheers! Yes, There Are Some Glitches

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It has been one month since my A1c blood test showed a slightly higher than normal score. The score indicated I needed to cut down on sugar, and carbs – which turn into sugar — in my diet. I look forward to each meal more than I did in the past when I was eating more sugary foods. I enjoy … Read More