Suit by Backers of Prop. 8 Is Illy Motivated

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

The sponsors of last fall's Prop. 8, which rolled back the recently-won right of homosexuals to marry, are now complaining because some of their targets no longer want to do business with proposition backers.

An Ugly Picture of Bigotry Against the Powerless

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

It would be one thing if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the top officials of the state Legislature had pursued all logical and available methods for solving the state budget crisis.

Arnold’s Quid Pro Quo with Dems Shows Him to be Environmental Hypocrite. Again

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

It's fast becoming clear that all the talk about fighting global warming from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and leading Democrats in the state Legislature might be just so much hooey, happy talk to make them look good.

That's the implication of the final item in the Democrats' lengthy list of proposed cuts aimed to help bring this year's state budget into balance and make a start on solving next year's likely problems, an item also among the cuts in Schwarzenegger's newest budget blueprint.

State Prison System: A Stunning Example of Waste and the Lack of Monitoring

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

There is no more sacred a cow in California state government than the prison system, whose population has multiplied by seven since 1980 to a total of about 170,000.

Even while politicians incessantly say they're looking for every dime of waste, they never finger prisons. They should.

It Would Not be Smart to Bet against (Sen.?) Arnold in ’10 Race

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

While all around him, prospective candidates for governor are pulling out checkbooks and fattening up campaign war chests, lame-duck Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives mixed messages about what he might do next.

Whatever he does, he says he won't be acting anymore, and he will be pushing environmental causes and clean energy.

Here Is Why Arnold Does Not Have to be a Lame Duck

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

Almost exactly two years from now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be termed out and leave the office he loves, like it or not.

Which means he now faces the possibility of hanging around for two years as the lamest of lame ducks while a host of Democrats and a few Republicans fight over which one of them will inherit the governor's office and all the unsolved problems that go with it.

How One Slick Move Marred Arnold’s Treasured Legacy

Thomas D. EliasOP-ED

For a governor with barely two years left to serve, one who can't balance a budget or compromise with the state Legislature, Arnold Schwarzenegger has an odd way of establishing a positive legacy.