Agree We Are Diverse (and Tolerant) – or Else

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It would figure that a company bearing the goofy name “Google” would be run by insecure societal misfits.

Oddballs who lurk around schlepping a rear-view mirror.

They have to — in case a diverse group of stalkers is gaining on them.

Known for their meticulous broadmindedness, Broadminded Google execs welcome as employees every man/woman/other who agrees with every syllable of every policy.

All others are invited to pound sand.

Because bigots detest being branded bigots, the boys at Broadminded Google burst their male/female/other blood vessels the other day. Their smartest staffer, 28-year-old software engineer James Damore, penned a common-sense piece ( that suggested the dolls and dudes of Broadminded Google diversity may, uh, have, uh, left school early.

When they bray about dedication to diversity, Broadminded Google’s chesty poohbahs must be talking about Guy Maino’s grocery store or Willard Huseman’s Market. They are diverse.

Google is not. Google diversity seems to resemble a fake policy. There may be allowable diversity in people’s looks but not in their thinking.

Unless, dear reader, you think a techie biz where 7 of every 10 employees is a man, where 98 percent of employees are non-black, is a model of diversity.

Looks to me the order was the obverse.

Mr. Damore should have canned his universally undiverse employers.

The kings/queens/others of diversity showed Mr. Da-more that he should hereafter be known as Mr. Da-less because he now held one fewer job than when the day started.


That’s Amore,” Dean Martin crooned in the background.

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