Armed Group Walks into a Police Station and…

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Is this a ‘sanctuary city’?

Stick ‘em up.

This is what Culver City told law enforcement – here and in Washington.

Law-obeying residents of Culver City hope this is the year their favorite community surrenders its demeaning status as a disreputable outlaw “sanctuary city.”

In spite of the tragically misplaced compassion at its roots, hosting gangs of peoples who sneaked into our country when no one was looking is a pathetic descent into a garbage-filled gutter.

Besides scarred criminals, who brags about spitting in the law’s face?

Snooty “sanctuary cities” do.

Who knows – or cares – how many illegal aliens are illegally residing in Culver City?

Supporters do not know – or care – how many illegals are expanding their criminal dossiers while living off of Culver City.

Commonly, advocates hollowly, childishly boast that illegal aliens have not committed any crimes since tiptoeing into our town.

Whoa, pal.

They were criminals when they arrived and deserve to be promptly deported.

Do not dishonestly plead that deportation will divide families.

This is a hilarious, phony claim. When some family members turned criminal, they – not we – should have thought of that.

I suspect that at a medium future date, schoolboys and girls will study the nutty concept of “sanctuary cities,” and wonder how normal people, good people, could have tolerated farcializing the law.

The well-armed City Council may as well have walked into Police Chief Scott Bixby’s office, told him “Stick ‘em up,” and warned him that his officers may not cooperate with ICE or arrest illegal aliens just because they flaunted the law.

You see, only some laws are to be obeyed.

One Comment on ““Armed Group Walks into a Police Station and…”

  1. DKS

    Of course only some laws are to be obeyed. I am the granddaughter of illegal emigrants, as I suspect many readers may be. My father’s mother’s parents came to this country with passports purchased on the black-market, since their home country forbade its citizens to leave. But, rather than wait for the next pogrom, they broke the law and came. They were, I suppose, criminals . . . criminals entering the United States. Would Mr. Noonan have had them sent back at the border?

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