Baking a Cake or a Baking a Phony Case?

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Religious baker Jack Phillips, Lakewood, Co, targeted by gay couple

As someone who has looked different from 99 percent of the population all of his life, I am negatively intrigued by the two liberal gay guys in Colorado who charge bigotry because a religious Christian would not bake a cake for their odd pairing.

Boys, what did you expect when you coldly targeted a religious man?

Their cry is as subtle and silly as a liberal donkey riding a tricycle across the desert.

Boys, boys.

Wear yourself out playing a game of hopscotch.

The challenged boys were informed they would have to surrender their leftist creds if they did not bring a case of bias against the religious baker.

If these phony chaps truly loved each other, why would they deliberately invite the world into their supposedly sincere private lives?

Cooked-up prejudice is as fake as most liberal protests. Since many are not gainfully employed, liberals have to find a way to fill their attention-starved lives for being different from 99 percent of America.

If I marry, the baker will not refuse to bake a cake for us because we are Jews. We only will deal with a kosher pastry shop.

Note to gays seeking to be enshrined in the Museum of We Wuz Victimized:

Have you ever wondered why only liberal blacks charge racism? Normal blacks don’t complain because it is virtually nonexistent.

Is any concept more intolerable than a fake victim, one who mocks the needy?

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