Capo d’Orlando: Is It an Ideal Sister City?

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While Vice Mayor Thomas Small speaks romantically of Sicily and Italy after numerous visits, going there next week will be new for Mayor Jeff Cooper and former Mayor Jim Clarke.

In buttoning down the beach community of Capo d’Orlando, Sicily, as Culver City’s new Sister City, Messers. Cooper, Small and Clarke will be figuring out, with Capo leaders, what the two have in common.

“With our other Sister Cities,” said Mr. Clarke, “we have exchanges and we send runners (to their marathons).

“We will have to see what we have in common with Capo d’Orlando and here we could have valuable exchanges.”

Mr. Clarke explained that the most common person-to-person exchanges are among students so that the teenagers learn, closeup, about a different culture.

“This is in contrast to when I was working in the city of L.A.,” he said. “Their Sister City exchanges were more for economic development purposes.

“The chief value of these exchanges is the cultural value, learning about another country’s culture, being educated about the country.

“This is why I think it works best,” Mr. Clarke said, “when it is geared at younger people as they are starting to develop a world view.”

Mr. Clarke speaks as a mature high school graduate of 51 summers ago.

He will turn 69 years old in September, when Culver City’s Centennial Year, which he fathered, closes.

“Here is the value of student exchanges,” he said. “They are learning how the world works.

“They learn why there are differences, and to appreciate the diversity of the world.”

12 Comments on “Capo d’Orlando: Is It an Ideal Sister City?”

  1. Michael Levinson

    I’m a culver grad 62 and my wife is from Hyvinkaa Finland. Culver City and Hyvinkaa Finland are both celebrating their centennial year now and that is a unique opportunity to make both sister cities. Before you leave the EU swing up north and see what Finland is like….Hyvinkaa Finland. We are here till the end of August and you are welcome!!!!
    Marjut and Michael Levinson…

  2. Michael Levinson

    I have been talking to some people already and have a meeting set up for 26 July. I do know Steve Rose. Also have met a few more people who seem interested.
    We have had exchange students from Nordic countries and this would be a good way to continue the process.
    Hoping to see you in future in Hyvinkaa Finland.
    Regards, Marjut and Michael Levinson

  3. Michael Levinson

    We had exchange students at culver high school going both directions. Learning others cultures is a very important opportunity and you should have another one somewhere that you wouldn’t generally think of.
    So now is the time with two people one who is from each city celebrating their centennial Culver City & Hyvinkaa. Take the opportunity and come for a visit!!! Regards, Marjut and Michael Levinson

  4. Michael Levinson

    Please DO 😊 come visit the friendly North. Let me know when and I’ll and we can make arrangements, just remember we leave at end of August.
    Regards, Marjut and Michael Levinson…

  5. Michael Levinson

    Let me just say all cities are uniquely qualified in their own way to be sister cities and are judged accordingly.
    Not many can say that they are celebrating their centennials at the same time 😊
    Regards, Marjut and Michael Levinson…

  6. Sharlene London

    Culver City Sister City Committee meets the first Wed of every month at City Hall usually in the Pattachio room except for the dinner quarterly meetings. 7pm is the start time. Everyone is welcome. I hope Michael Levinson attends a meeting so he can learn more about the organization and participate. CCSCC has an active web site and members would be glad to meet Michael and engage in conversation. CCSCC had a big event a couple weeks ago at Veteran’s Auditiorium where CCSCC featured cultural experiences from our Sister Cities. Thank you to CC News for helping to promote this day long event. All attending could experience food, music, dancing, clothing and manufatured items from our Sister Cities. This was such a successful event attended by so many local people and Mayor Cooper and former mayor Jim Clarke, and others from our government and other local organizations that I hope CCSCC plans to make this an annual event. Join us. We need more active members.

  7. Michael Levinson

    As a graduate of Culver Hi 1962 and retired from the foreign service department of state, I know that cultural is important! When you have a husband and from different parts of the world joined by their cities being 100 years old it brings about an opportunity to make them sister cities!!!
    Culver City & Hyvinkaa, Finland are both celebrating their centennials at this time. My wife and I are in Hyvinkaa at this time and will meet official people at the end of the summer holidays.
    We plan on being in Culver City for a class reunion in October. So let’s get the ball rolling.
    Regards, Marjut & Michael Levinson

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