Clarke Sees ??? in Culver City’s Cannabis Future

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Mr. Clarke’s chair was empty at Monday’s City Council meeting. He is due home today from Italy.

At the dawn of the blanketedly mysterious cannabis era, Culver City is not likely to become a magnet, a destination or a cash cow for shoppers, in Jim Clarke’s view.

Everybody wants a piece of the pie,” said the City Councilman who has been traveling in Italy.

By the time it gets down to us, not much will be left.

If we try to impose a certain amount of taxes on our own,” Mr. Clarke said, “it either will drive up the price points or it will make these folks go underground.”

The second-term Councilman has been a reluctant backer of the suddenly statewide legalized marijuana industry.

It may not be accidental that the three most enthusiastic advocates of bringing cannabis retail and manufacturing to Culver City are the three youngest members of the City Council.

I have no problem with manufacturing or distribution,” said Mr. Clarke. “Then you sort of have the market to yourself.

You are not competing with all of these retailers in Los Angeles who will be surrounding us.”

Of the complex regulations posted just last week, a hiccup of time before last Monday night’s Council meeting, Mr. Clarke said somewhat skeptically:

The idea is that we are establishing certain standards for our retail, and people will be willing to shop locally because we have nicer stores and a finer line of products.

This probably is equivalent to the question that some people like to shop at Gelson’s, others go to Ralphs because it is cheaper.”

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