Council Seeker Tiggs Debuts as a Republican

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Mr. Tiggs, right, with fellow Republican Walter Shuvin

First of two parts

No stranger to City Council races, Marcus Tiggs, Republican, inaugurated his new campaign on the loveliest late autumn Sunday of the year with a stunning new distinction polished to a high gloss for the April election.

Mr. Tiggs, a soft-spoken bankruptcy attorney, announced he was identifying publicly for the first time as a Republican yesterday, a well-received opening day at the Jasmine Avenue home of Mr. Culver City, Mike Cohen.

In a community reputed to be more Democratic than the Democratic National Committee, one needs only a single thumb to count the GOP’ers elected to the Council this century. Steve Rose.

Of the 22,000 registered voters in Culver City, slightly more than a quarter, 6,000 are Republicans. They have not yet been called a force or recognized for packing clout.

Among the most recognizable guests were two members of the City Council, Mayor Jeff Cooper and Goran Eriksson.

Question: How will this campaign differ from your first two City Council races?

Mr. Tiggs: “This time I am going to win.”

Question: What can you do to make that happen?

Mr. Tiggs: “It’s a trade secret. I am going to win. And this is going to be fun, too.”

Question: What have you learned from two attempts?

Mr. Tiggs: “A lot of stuff. I learned many things I did wrong. There were some good things I did. I guess in a way (I did not win) because of inexperience. I had a really good team. But I was not listening as much as I should have.”


(To be continued)

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