Criminals Stick to Their Hideouts – in Sanctuary Cities

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In his nearby essay on a a different subject, my colleague Tom Elias (“No Place May Be Left for Donors to Hide”) employs a throwaway phrase en route to his destination.

But the dynamite phrase – “non-criminal undocumented immigrants” — sets the table beautifully.

People who break into our country – whether from a Muslim country or Mexico – are criminals.

Would you say a thug breaking into a hardware store at midnight is a criminal?

Some leftists would, but I am not betting.

The distinction is minimal – both sets of criminals spit at the law. They demean it as an inconvenient truth. What a marvelous model for their children.

Sadly, the law is not important to many leftists. It is an intolerable pest when the crooked status of illegal aliens is discussed.

That Culver City is a sanctuary city is pathetic.

It is farcical that Police Chief Scott Bixby was forced to arise at last week’s City Council meeting and announce that his department is not allowed – because of politicians – to pursue certain criminals.

Why not make our community a safe haven for murderers? Why not invite the liberated O.J. to run for School Board or City Council?

With a straight face, sappy leftists slip into phony tears when they crank up their violins and declaim about breaking up the families of illegal aliens.

We can debate whether the Dodgers will win the World Series.

We cannot debate whether drug dealers or ordinary lawbreakers sneaking into our country are criminals who should be promptly.

Shorn of logic,

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