Depends on Whose Gore Is Being Oxed

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Ms. DeVos, with President Trump

It isn’t easy being a normal person in a country where libbies run the media, the public schools and Hollywood

Saturday Night Live arrives early this week.

A Senate committee is to vote this morning on the nomination of Republican Betsy DeVos as President Trump’s Secretary of Education. Reliably hysterical libbies are hystericaler than usual. They are not sure why.

As jealous liberal op-ed’ists have suggested, Ms. DeVos is “stupendously rich.” True. Worse, her wealth is inherited. Oooh, icky.

Worser, she is a supporter of charter schools – just like her friend V. Putin.

Worstest of all, Ms. DeVos favors vouchers.

When she was 6 years old, she refused to eat her mashed potatoes one evening, possibly jeopardizing her nomination.

You remember the name of her predecessor, don’t you? Oh.

One reason Republican Mitt Romney was not elected president in 2012 was that, according to a tale-bearing liberal, a half century before, when Mr. Romney was 14 years old, he made fun of a gay boy. Was it true? Probably not. No witnesses ever testified. Conveniently for libbies, the alleged victim had died. Mr. Romney did not remember such an incident. Nevertheless, the charge haunted him until Election Day.  It contributed to his defeat.

Libbies also “caught” Mr. Romney on tape saying that 47 percent of the country does not pay taxes. True.

However, liberals said it was a lie. They buttressed their false claim by saying they had espied on Mr. Romney. At a private gathering, libbies had surprised him in a moment when he thought he was speaking only to the people in the room. This phony accusation significantly contributed to Mr. Romney’s defeat.

When he started running for president 10 years ago and for years after, Barack Obama, a Democrat, endlessly recycled a fairy tale – “feel sorry for me” — that his poor mother was denied health insurance as she lay dying. Convoluted syntax aside, here is what Mr. Obama said the summer after his election: “My mother, when she contracted cancer, the insurance companies started suggesting that, well, maybe this was a preexisting condition; maybe you could have diagnosed it before you actually purchased your insurance. Ultimately, they gave in, but she had to spend weeks fighting with insurance companies while she’s in the hospital bed, writing letters back and forth just to get coverage for insurance that she had already paid premiums on.”

The president never paid a price for his lie because he was on the side of the liberal Democrat bullies.

One Comment on ““Depends on Whose Gore Is Being Oxed”

  1. Patrick Meighan

    “It isn’t easy being a normal person in a country where libbies run the media, the public schools and Hollywood.”

    Ari, you’re very fond of implicitly declaring– in seemingly every editorial of yours lately– that anyone who opposes the appointees and vision and agenda of Mr. Trump cannot, by definition, be a “normal person”. And yet you live and work in a town in which Mr. Trump received only 13 percent of the vote.

    Can it truly be your belief, Ari, that just 13 percent of your Culver City neighbors and friends are “normal”? That the other 87 percent of us are, ipso facto, abnormal? How can you possibly stand to live in a town, Ari, which you perceive to be 87 percent debauched? 87 percent aberrant? 87 percent sick and warped? Isn’t that just incredibly crazy-making, Ari?

    “You remember the name of her predecessor, don’t you? Oh.”

    Arne Duncan. Didn’t even have to google it. Don’t insult your readership, Ari. It’s bad writing.

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