Donna’s Nasty Secret Remains a Secret

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Ms. Brazile

Here is how lightly bald lying – repeatedly in print and on television – is taken by the exposed Democrat party.

Bloody and brawny brawler Donna Brazile is one of the hardest headed partisans in liberal politics, where bottom-rung competition is fierce.

Like a loyal liberal, she detests everyone who disagrees with her panoply of uninformed opinions.

Seldom mistaken for a lady, she more closely resembles a 16-wheeler, morally and intellectually, barreling and burrowing down political byways.

Being the size of Fresno, if President Trump posted Daunting Donna on the Mexican border, even legal aliens would turn back.

Last Friday, the former temporary chair of the Democrat National Committee and one of the party’s most recognizable faces, admitted she is a liar.

Last autumn in her role as a contributor to the fake-news network CNN and as DNC chair, and as a talking toady for Hillary, she committed a frightful act.

Dirty Donna lifted questions for Hillary for the Trump-Clinton debates, and she fed them to Hillary ahead of time.

Acting as slimy as a snake hardly exhausted Dirty Donna’s vast imagination.

Brushing off the mud she had dived into, Dirty Donna repeatedly and forcefully lied subsequently in television and print interviews.

No, she lied each time, she did not pass secret information to Hillary in advance.

Even the fakeists at CNN could not tolerate that level of lying. With a well-planted kick, they threw her out the door.

As a typical Democrat comfortable with cradling major lies in her icy heart, Dirty Donna sat heavily on her nasty secret for almost 6 months.

Searching for an inconsequential website to unburden herself, she found

She wrote a piece Friday supposedly about her dirty deed, but it went in every other direction first (

Her dishonest tale would not have been accepted from a mentally deranged prostitute.

Practicing deceit to the end, Dirty Donna reminds you of a cheating husband who strolls into the kitchen and talks about a baseball game he attended.

She opens her child-like essay in the manner of a thug-for-hire, skewering political opponents.

Finally in the 10th paragraph, Dirty Donna confesses her snake-like role in the debates. Like many black radicals, Dirty Donna is an angry racist. She said the devil, the nature of politics, made her go wrong.

Over the weekend, the fake-news liberal outlets did their job after much practice. With the smoothness of a veteran bad guy, networks and print media  ignored Dirty (It Wasn’t My Fault) Donna’s dirty admission.

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