Final Score Clear Going into Council Meeting

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Based on her public comments going into this evening’s 7 o’clock meeting. City Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells has not the vaguest idea how many residents endorse her enthusiastic embrace of retail cannabis stores.

With the second reading of a broad, dense retail marijuana ordinance at hand, neither does Mayor Jeff Cooper nor Vice Mayor Thomas Small.

Together, the three form an unswerving Council majority.

They presume most unpolled residents share their unrestrained vigor for flinging open the doors of retail marijuana stores across Culver City late next year.

They presume that the wind is at their back.

A dangling detail is that they have no evidence for their bold assertion.

By a mile, Ms. Sahli-Wells has been the most confident cheerleader.

She insists that residents who have not publically disclosed opinions agree with her.

No schemes or public forums have been scheduled to measure community feelings.

The Council threesome has been strongly criticized for accelerating the race to official approval before anyone changes his mind.

Last seen, though, the criticism was bouncing like a tennis ball against a brick wall.

The Council’s elder statesmen,  the rival twosome of Goran Erkisson and Jim Clarke, probably could rest at home this evening.

Their pleas for restraint in approving retail outlet details have been ignored.

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