Fisch Perfect Fit for Old and New Culver City?

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Mr. Fisch, wife Julie Bernard, with their family

When City Council candidate  Alex Fisch says “I bring a lot of experience to this job,” here is what he means:

“I have been interested in cities since I moved from rural Ventura County (outside of Camarillo) to Berkeley.

“Berkeley is not a place I necessarily would want to emulate.

“The difference really was invigorating,” says tall, suave Mr. Fisch.

“It wasn’t perfect. And it wasn’t where I wanted to live.”

He moved back to Southern California.

“Culver City was sort of the perfect mix,” he said.

“Busy city life, the benefits of a city, the diversity, the excitement, the cultural amenities with what I was used to growing up, community, a small town where you actually have a voice.”

When it was noted that contemporary Culver City, especially Downtown, is drastically different from the sleepy hollow of the ‘90s, the candidate was prepared.

Mr. Fisch clearly knows how to address and cover every corner.

“One of the things I bring is an appreciation for the good things about (those drastic upgrades) and the stresses about that,” he said.

“You will hear me talk about this a lot,” and sensitively he dove into his vision.

“We can take this moment and move ahead. We can keep lot of things people love about old Culver City and have it even better in future Culver City.”


(To be continued)

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