Gunning for a Sensible Solution

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Dateline Dayton – After the mass killings in Las Vegas, what goes through a person’s mind that makes him want to do this?

Guns do not kill. People do.

If you want to outlaw guns, we need to outlaw everything else that kills, such as rocks, slingshots, bows and arrows, automobiles, motorcycles, even medicine.

People kill.

I do not own a gun.

I only had one for a short time.

t belonged to Pauline’s grandfather.

She asked that I sell because she did not want a gun the house even we had no ammunition.

In my younger days, we played cops and robbers. We had cap guns, guns made of wood and plastic.

We enjoyed western movies where the good guys would shoot the bad guy. Seldom did you see blood.

Amazing how many bullets would come from the gun.

Even though I watched these films and television shows, we had toy guns.

Never have I thought of killing anyone.  If you let a television show, movie or video game take over your mind, something is wrong.

You should not be able to purchase a gun.

We need a method to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not own them.

My simplistic solution:

  • All guns must be titled, but you can own as many guns as you want.
  • All gun purchasers must pass an ownership test. Guns shops would administer the tests and title the gun(s). All gun sales must be accompanied by the title, which will be taken to the gun shop to have it transferred into the new owner’s name. This is what we have to do to own an automobile.

I believe the underlying cause for all the killings is our lack of respect for life.

This is manifested by our embrace of abortion, where life is just a throwaway, coupled with our lack of respect for authority.

Many operate on the theory that we can do anything we want and no one is going to tell us differently.

The lack of respect for our flag, demonstrated by football players and others, is another example of how far things have gotten out of hand.

All in the Family

Stepping down from my soap box, you may have wondered where I have been the past few weeks.

It has been hectic here trying to get my son’s condo completed, being under the weather for a couple weeks,  and a heavy work load at my office due to sale of the company.

Still don’t know my status. I know everything will work out for the best.

Yesterday we completed painting of the condo, the carpets have been cleaned, and Saturday is Moving Day.

We will start Saturday with the Alzheimer’s Walk. My daughter has lined up 25 walkers for the Hennessey Team.

The Walk will be followed by The Move. Then it will be back to our home for a cookout.

Have a great weekend!


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