Isn’t Anyone Worried About This L.A. Monument?

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Mr. Rosebrock, ticketed by VA officers for hanging flag at VA Home

Fellow Americans …

While monuments of the Confederacy are being destroyed one after the other, let us not forget that one of the biggest monuments of the Civil War in honor of the Union soldiers has long been desecrated and shamefully destroyed.

This would be the Los Angeles National Soldiers Home, deeded for housing and caring for all of our war-injured and homeless Veterans.

Far-left politicians from Obama to Waxman, Feinstein, Boxer, Lieu and corrupt VA bureaucrats have essentially removed any semblance of this revered and noble tribute and reward to those men and women who selflessly pledged their lives to defend our nation.

These same anti-Veteran, anti-American bigots even consider the greatest monument to our nation’s freedom and independence — the American flag — to be nothing more than a placard, pamphlet, brochure.

Instead of building a modern 21st century National Veterans Home, there’s a rent-free public dog park on this sacred land.

Meanwhile Los Angeles remains our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.

Moreover, one of the wealthiest private prep-schools, Brentwood School, with its $40K per-year tuition, has nearly 25 acres with a far-below-market-rate sweetheart lease deal for a sports complex.

They are now running 44 very large construction trucks daily through the VA to spare the wealthy elite on Sunset Boulevard from this noisy, dangerous, disorderly and imposing impact.

Everyone who has aided and abetted in the destruction and destroying of this sovereign and sacred National Veterans Monument has blood on their hands.  .

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