Jerusalem and Courage of 2 U.S. Presidents

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Harry and Bess Truman

Two desperate reasons have been given for denying the brave President Trump his intention of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv, a nice but meaningless town, to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital for 3300 years:

  • It will set off Arab violence through the world and damage chances of a successful conclusion to peace talks that Palestinians have sabotaged for 70 consecutive years. (As this is written, no Arab has murdered a Jew for nearly 2½ hours.)
  • Palestinians, conflicted over whether they derive greater joy from savagely killing fellow Arabs or Jews, desire Jerusalem for their (See above.)

How fitting that the most illogically hated president in U.S. history – by the brat community – emerges as the most courageous.

While President Truman correctly is recognized for his singular bravery in 1947 for promoting Israel and managing its international elevation to nation status, he buckled instead of placing the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

FDR, no friend of Jews, who died in April 1945, lacked Mr. Truman’s courage. He never would have championed Israel.

The world would have been quite different – worse — had President Roosevelt survived.

I believe President Truman declined to close the deal and place the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem for two reasons:

  • His wife Bess was a virulent anti-Semite. She vowed no Jew ever would enter their home. The Trumans’ domestic life would have been intolerable.
  • 1948 elections. In a very close race with Republican Tom Dewey, standing up publicly for Israel would have cost him the election, Mr. Truman calculated.

And so it was left for the unlikely latter-day hero President Trump to stand up stoutly for Jews.

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