Kaepernick Won’t Salute – ACLU Does It for Him

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Kaepernick with white parents Rick and Teresa at Nevada-Reno, 2010

Kaepernick, the freak poster boy of the left who turned anti-American before failing at football, won an award Sunday night for his courage.

Not long after the American “Civil” Liberties Union honored the pretty late Benedict Arnold for shrewdly betraying a country of racist colonists, the ACLU went freak-shopping again.

It is a sign of the desperation of the left that they flagged Kaepernick just before he was recruited by Ringling Brothers.

The laughable Los Angeles Times was so thrilled that their favorite freak was chosen they belatedly rushed a stitched-together story into print. Fittingly, it was buried on yesterday’s obituary page.

Fittingly II: On the ACLU’s annual Traitors Night at the Beverly Wilshire, Janie Fonda, the best known traitor of the Vietnam War, also accepted an America Can Go to Hell award.

The ACLU’s desire to be dishonest succeeded once again.

O.Hec Villagra, executive director, said that “too many people confuse dissent for disloyalty.”

O.Hec, get a whiff of this.

Kaepernick, of mixed parentage, called himself one of the bravest poster boys in the racist country he hates.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” said the freak who crooned a different tune last year when leftists began romancing him. Then he said his kneeling stunt during the National Anthem was unrelated to the flag.

Thankfully honesty is not a moral value for many leftists including the ACLU or Kaepernick.

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