A Lady King Who Spits on Jewish History

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Ms. King

Cradling a severed Jewish head in his bloodied right arm, a drooling Tehran imam could not have written a more subjectively inaccurate account of potentially moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem than teeth-baring Laura King did in Friday’s Los Angeles Times.

As a well-tested Jew-hater, Ms. King is supposed to tuck her feelings into her purse when she reports. But this is why she is at the Times covering Jews.

Not only did the toadying “journalist” purposely misrepresent history, again, like a one-celled parrot she billboarded the phony Arab line that shifting our embassy to Israel’s capital “could inflame the Arab world.”

What inflame?

Killing Jews is what the simple-minded Arab boys do — the way you and I consume lunch.

As every sentient earthling knows, Arab/Muslim animals have been murdering Jews at will since the 1920s. The animals never have stopped.

So what is to fear?

Historically, Ms. King and her anti-Semitic colleagues in the mainstream media reflexively serve as the kowtowing public relations arm of Middle East Arab dictators.

As a bargain-hunting bigot, Ms. King nimbly packaged her loathing for Jews, Israel and President Trump into a single screed.

Her favorite false assertions:

  • Shifting the embassy “would reverse decades of U.S. policy and international peacemaking efforts.” She lies that the change would “reverse” peacemaking efforts. Arabs have sabotaged every conference since 1977.
  • If a lie works once, swing again. Aides to President Trump “have persuaded him to delay a move to minimize the potentially disastrous impact on U.S. interests in the Middle East.”
  • Ignoring inconvenient context, the veteran anti-Semite writes: “In 1967 Israel fought Arab states in what came to be known in the West as the Middle East War.” No. That is what Arabs call it. It was the Six-Day War.
  • Emerging as the victorious underdog, Israel was able to seize East Jerusalem, its central Old City and the West Bank from the neighboring kingdom of Jordan as well as the Golan Heights from Syria and part of the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.” Since history would bludgeon her lies, the devious Ms. King neglects to note that on the May 1948 day that Israel officially became a state again, surrounding Arab armies raped Israeli cities and territories, “seizing” the sites she mentioned. In every Times story where she has alluded to the Six-Day War, she has used the verb “seized” to describe Israel’s recapture of its capital. Liars scorn subtlety.

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