Let Me Tell You What Cruel Is, Mr. Mayor

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Mr. Garcetti

Mr. Mayor,

You declare that “the President’s announcement to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, is a giant setback for America because all of our children should feel safe and accepted in a country that belongs to them.”

You go on to say, “His action on DACA is cruel.”

No, Mr. Mayor, what’s cruel is that President Obama issued an illegal executive order granting special privileges to a select group who were brought illegally to the United States, and now you’re blaming President Trump for upholding the Constitutional rule of law on behalf of We, the People.

  • What is cruel is that you defend 800,000 DACAs and not the thousands up of our U.S. Military Veterans who are war-injured and homeless on American soil — particularly in the city where you are the mayor. This is our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.
  • What is cruel is not ending Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles by the end of 2015, as you publicly promised.

This was the No. 1 objective/ promise in the VA’s so-called settlement agreement regarding the nine VA real estate deals that were adjudicated in federal court as “unauthorized by law and therefore void.”

  • What is cruel is the failure by you and the VA to end Veteran homelessness.

This is a giant setback for America.

All of our disabled and homeless Veterans should feel safe and accepted in a country they pledged their lives to defend.

  • What is cruel, illegal and immoral is that the City of Los Angeles is occupying 12 acres of Veterans’ VA land for a public dog park and recreation center in this capital for homeless Veterans
  • What is cruel, illegal and immoral is the City of Los Angeles spending $100,000 for a pile of rocks, a couple of small trees and a flag pole at the public dog park as a “memorial” for Veterans in lieu of the city’s “rent-free” use of Veterans land valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • What is cruel is that a “memorial” honors the dead — there’s an old saying “We honor our dead Veterans by taking care of our living Veterans.”

One hundred thousand dollars could establish thousands of tents on VA land to safely shelter Veterans from the dangerous streets of Los Angeles.

  • What is cruel, immoral and inhumane — is that dogs occupy Veterans’ sacred land while war-injured U.S. Military Veterans live at skid row.
  • What is cruel is that the Los Angeles VA has illegally and immorally agreed to allow large construction trucks to rumble through the VA grounds from Brentwood School’s construction site so that the community — “the rest of us,” according to L.A, City Councilman Mike Bonin — would be spared the impact of construction traffic.

Meanwhile the “the rest of them” — Veterans who are trying to heal at the VA — must endure the loud noise and unsafe traffic conditions of Brentwood School construction trucks.

  • What is cruel is that Brentwood School, one of the wealthiest private prep schools in the nation, occupies nearly 25 acres on VA land while Los Angeles remains our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans.
  • What is cruel is that UCLA occupies 10 acres on VA land for a collegiate baseball diamond.
  • What is cruel is that there is non-stop oil drilling on VA land close to where U.S. Military Veterans are trying to heal from defending America.

Yet you remain silent but are vehemently opposed to off-shore oil-drilling i to defend whales, dolphins and other sea life.

  • What is cruel Mr. Mayor is that the Los Angeles VA has become a “sanctuary compound” that protects wealth illegal occupants on VA land deeded exclusively as a permanent National Home for disabled and disadvantaged U.S Military Veterans.

You defend these elitist ingrates as well as illegal aliens on American soil.

  • What is cruel, Mr. Mayor, is that you are a Veteran and you don’t give a rip about our Veterans and their sacred and sovereign land — unless it benefits your powerful constituents.

What is frightening, Mr. Mayor, is that you cannot even patch potholes in Los Angeles.

Yet you open the doors to our city to anyone now that you are planning to run for president of the United States.

Mr. Mayor, admit that you have failed our U.S. Military Veterans and American citizens.

Do the honorable thing, resign.


Robert L. Rosebrock,

Director, Old Veterans Guard, may be contacted at rrosebrock1@aol.com


God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

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