Did Mayor Choke When President Came to Town

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Mr. Lumumba

Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

It is not a new food or a recently discovered health threat.

It is a he, the radical young mayor of Jackson, MS, an airborne star in the graybeard Democrat party.

An articulate, handsome 34-year-old lawyer, he has aligned himself with the radical left.

Even a child knows this is the shortest, fastest path into the largely vacant Democrat leadership.

Between his odd name – he is not related to the Scranton Lumumbas — and his fresh, outgoing personality, Chokwe does not choke when the klieg lights find him. Or he finds them.

Being black clinches his rocket ride to stardom in the race-starved party.

Mr. Lumumba made oddball national headlines over the weekend, propelling him a mile closer to stardom.

The Mississipi Civil Rights Museum opened last Saturday in Jackson a few blocks from Mr. Lumumba’s office.

He knows which side his brat protest bread is buttered on.

Since President Trump had been invited by the governor of Mississippi to share in the glory of the moment, the mayor, as a loyal little Democrat, pulled on his brat pants, stamped his feet, sometimes simultaneously, and said in stentorian tones, “Everybody knows Trump is a racist. So I am boycotting the event.”

These days Democrats know when they act abnormally, they are rewarded with golden headlines beyond Bratville.

As more media paid attention, the mayor elevated the temperature.

“Trump has pompously shown a wanton disregard for the continuing struggle for civil, human and women’s rights.”

So that Chokwe could not be accused of choking, and to be politically correct, he hastily added the phrase “and women’s rights” last week after Sen. Al Franken sort of was outed but not ousted.

Mayor Chokwe, who actually did choke, stayed home Saturday and watched the dedication on television.

To grease his ride to the top tier of Democrats, Mr. Lumumba has been a featured speaker at the People’s Summit, a forum for extremists who believe they are right and the world is wrong.

Besides the mayor who never chokes unless the heat is on, the lineup bowing to the theme “Beyond Resistance: A People’s Movement for a Just World,” included some of America’s loosest screws:

Bernie Sanders, RoseAnn DeMoro, Naomi Klein, Nina Turner, Michael Moore, Linda Sarsour, Christine Pellegrino and Larry Krasner.

Don’t choke when you see the problematic highway he traveled to the national stage. Both of you can’t.

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