I Meant to Do It Much Earlier

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Just when I thought I had completed all projects around the house that I want and/or need to do, here come a few more.

Today is one of those unusual days when I have nothing else to do but projects. Thank the Lord.

The Sprinkler

Our sprinkler systems have changed over the 30-odd years we have lived in this house. But the sprinkler wires have not changed. As you may imagine, there are several breaks in the sprinkler wire that goes from the house to the backyard.

Every few months, the sprinkler stops working. Why? Because the sprinkler wire connection comes apart. Every time I fixed a connection, I said to myself, “I really have to replace this wire.”

Today the new sprinkler wire from Amazon should arrive. Finally I will replace the old wire with the new, . something I should have done years ago.

The TV and the Recliner

We have had our big screen TV for almost 10 years. It sits on a wall directly opposite our sofa, and the comfy recliner is at the end of the sofa. The problem is, the sofa is not very comfortable. While the recliner is very comfortable, it’s off to the side of the TV and does not present a comfortable viewing angle.

The new twist-and-twirl TV mount arrived this week from Amazon. Today, I will read the directions and try to understand them. Then I will remove the old mount from the TV, screw the new mount to a stud, and place the television on the mount.

I will finally, I predict, have a wonderful viewing experience from my wonderfully comfortable recliner for the first time in 10 years.

As I have asked myself many times, “Why didn’t I fix the sprinkler wire and the TV mount long ago?

The answer is, I am human. There have been so many things to do, so many things to think about, so many ways to put it off.

Will I change now? Yes, I think I will. For some reason — maybe it’s viewing myself in the mirror or noticing my more careful gait — I am feeling more of my true age.

I am realizing that although my best years might be ahead of me, the number of those years is dwindling. Now is the time to enjoy life.

Thank you my good friend, Amazon, for all your creature comforts.

Mr. Ebsen may be contacted at robertzebsen51@gmail.com

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