Meet Tomorrow’s School Board Candidates

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Jerry and Janet Chabola, with their grandchildren

Fifteen candidates have signed up to replace resigned School Board President Sue Robins, and one is scheduled to be appointed at Tuesday evening’s 7 o’clock meeting.

Ms. Robins is moving to Maine with her family at the end of the month.

Alan Elmont— A fiscal conservative and financial advisor, he formerly was a regular in the audience at School Board meetings. Fiscal conservative, financial advisor. He previously served on the Community Budget Advisory Committee. He has ran for the School Board in 2007 and again in 2009. finishing fourth in a three-seat race. It seems his time has passed.

Jerry Chabola – Retired athletic director/teacher at Culver City High School,  he has been going to School Board meetings for at least 25 years. He is seen as a consensus builder, someone who can work with others with whom he does not agree.

Scott Malsin – He has been out of public life since notably resigning five years ago from the City Council to gain healthcare benefits for life. Four months later he lost in an attempt to regain the seat. Competing again in 2012, he finished fifth in a six-person field.

He may gaimn a heads-up for being a member of United Parents of Culver City which already has three members on the Board.

Mike Eskridge – He is the only potential appointee with School Board experience. He served two terms in the 1990s, lost a 1999 re-election bid in 1999 and later ran in 2007 and 2011. He is seen as a fiscal conservative, but is willing to spend School District funds on the students and to maintain facilities.

Richard Hibbs — Treasurer and trustee for the Culver City Education Foundation, he is a management consultant for many organizations and is a tax practitioner.   He currently serves on a number of non-profit boards of directors, such as Ballona Creek Renaissance, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce (past Chair), Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve and the City Council’s Finance Advisory Committee.  He  is a former coach and now a referee for AYSO Region 19.

Alfonzo Wilson –.

Connie Wong – She is a former budget technician for the School District.

Lila Swenson– Insurance, corporate and real estate lawyer. Presently she serves as Secretary for Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Marti Paez — She is associated with La Ballona Elememtary.

Tashon McKeithan— An educator, formerly an assistant principal in New York, now Primary School Director at the Pegasus School, Huntington Beach.

Summer McBride — Mother of four boys in the School District, she was the 2016 Symantec Volunteer of the Year for El Rincon Elementary.

Anne Diga Jacobsen — She is a member of the Community Budget Advisory Committee.

Scott Facher — A Democrat.

Ellen R. Davidson— She is executor of the Davidson Family Trust.

Ernest Adzentoivich—A film scorer who has lived in Culver City for 13 years, he is a composer and the owner of Adzentoivich Music.

One Comment on ““Meet Tomorrow’s School Board Candidates”

  1. Anne Diga Jacobsen

    Mr. Noonan,

    Before you publish details about any candidate for public consumption, I suggest you do at least a Google search of who they are or at least read the applications that they filed with the District.

    To correct or further edify your statement in your representation of my candidacy credentials:

    I served on the Community Budget Advisory Committee for multiple terms. Currently, I am on the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee with CCUSD and CCUSD Inclusion, Respect and Diversity Task Force. I have been a 20 year public education attorney having both worked as in-house counsel for the Los Angele County Office of Education and currently the Los Angeles Community College District. I also served on the Culver City Education Foundation Board of Trustees.

    Please provide the other candidates you are less familiar with some fairness in your reporting.

    Sincerely, Anne Diga Jacobsen

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