Menachem Sits, Waits, Prays for His Sight

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Mr. Green, center, with his parents Harry and Beth

Second of two parts

Re “His World Went Dark Overnight”


 Menachem Green, at 32, was so active that, to his close family, he sometimes seemed to be in at least two places simultaneously.

In addition to his day job at Western Kosher, he regularly bounced between the Pico-Robertson homes of his grandparents and his parents.

Mr. Green, an Orthodox Jew, was single but seeking to change that status last month when he awakened one morning without feeling as if he had woken up. He could not see. Still can’t.

What wisps of vision he retained were blurred beyond recognition.

Harry Green, his father, said that when they went for a tentative stroll, his son walked into a tree.

Doctors are baffled in both directions. They do not understand the cause. They cannot predict whether partial or full sight will be restored.

Meanwhile, young Mr. Green is attaching his scattered wisps of optimism on an appointment next week at the renowned Jules Styne Eye Institute on the UCLA campus.

With his life and his prospects drastically reversed overnight, and his religious faith tested, Mr. Green has two dreams he never expected to need.

  • An ardent baseball fan, he yearns to return to Dodger Stadium.
  • He is eager to see and play with his five nieces and nephews, the children of his older brother Michael, a rabbi in Israel. Beth Green, Menachem’s mother, soon will be leaving for Israel to assist her daughter-in-law and family with their sixth child, due momentarily.

Why should you care about Menachem Green and his family – beyond fundamental humane concerns?

At least because all three sons and both parents have been disproportionately struck with significant health interruptions in recent years.

Youngest son Tuvia, who is married and lives in Baltimore, has been sidelined with injuries for the past 17 months.

A year ago this month while visiting his son in Israel, papa Harry was struck by a mystifying hearing loss that still baffles a string of doctors he has consulted.

While Menachem – understandably impatient – waits for the lights to go on again all over his world, these should be enough reasons to merit your prayers and support.

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