A Mighty Sweet Way to Preserve My Health

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Last week while browsing the aisles in Costco, I discovered and purchased a 64 oz. bottle of Mighty Mango, one of the Naked juice flavors.

It was delicious. I only needed to dilute it half-and-half to get a great flavor and the benefit of a thick drink. Why a thick drink, you ask?

A thickened drink, i.e., almost anything thicker than water, does not set off my cough response. I am very sensitive to drinking water from a cup. I just now coughed only thinking about drinking plain water.

BTW, researchers have posited that thickened liquids, in taking more time to go down the throat, give a person time to prepare for the event. Water, it seems, goes down so fast that it surprises the system.

Yesterday, once again at Costco, I purchased two more 64 oz. Mighty Mango bottles.

Today, I drank my half-and-half juices. Then, while stopping at a bakery for post-Thanksgiving pie, I got a free cookie. Yum. Sugary.

While driving with my mother to Ralphs, I suddenly had a weird feeling. Even though I was wearing great glare-reducing sunglasses, everything seemed too bright. I worried a bit that I might be passing out.

But I continued on to Ralphs, drank water and then, as usual, per my low blood pressure, I got out of the car very slowly. I was wobbly in Ralphs for a couple of minutes, and then I began to feel better.

I instantly decided that my wife was right this morning when she told me to be careful about drinking sugary drinks. When I got home, I lay on the bed and confessed just those sentiments.

Yes, in a 64 oz. bottle of Mighty Mango, with no sugar added, there are 240 grams of sugar – all from fruit. In one ounce of the drink there are 3.75 grams of sugar. That’s 9/10 of a teaspoon of sugar – not so bad, I figured, as I made my new drink plan.

My plan, which I started this afternoon, is to add a shot glass (one ounce) of Mighty Mango juice to an 8 oz. glass of water.

At that rate, hopefully three beautiful things will happen.

  • One, I will not cough because the mixture is a bit thickened.
  • Two, I will not have a sugar reaction.
  • Three, I will save money.

If I use one ounce of Mighty Mango at breakfast, and one ounce during the day, that comes to 60 oz. per month. My one big six-dollar bottle should last me a month.

Mary Poppins said, “A teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down.”

Maybe, my teaspoon of Mighty Mango sugar, will make the water go down. Bottoms up!

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