Naysayers Wrongly Stirring Pot, Cooper Says

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Mr. Cooper

Plain as unbuttered toast, Mayor Jeff Cooper steps into the middle of the debate to forcefully disagree with waves of protests over the alleged hush-hush and rush-rush way the City Council has treated newborn cannabis regulations.

Contending that residents have had ample opportunity to contribute, the mayor said that “the marijuana issue has been done with complete transparency at all public meetings. Nothing has been worked on or decided (out of view).

“This is a very straight-up, pretty forward issue. There has been plenty of public input, plenty of opportunities for the public to get involved.”

Mr. Cooper said “it is not even realistic” to compare the Council’s handling of new Inglewood Oil Field drilling rules and a four-month extension for public study with the new cannabis rules that had a 5-day lead-in time.

What is the mayor’s perception of the community attitude toward the arrival of retail cannabis next year?

He has heard the noisy protests that argue residents have had insufficient time to object.

Said the mayor, pun included:

“The pot is being stirred by many naysayers who are trying to strike fear when there really is no need for fear.

“They are getting people riled up over something that is no big deal.

“It is a big deal when you perceive it is a big deal by start throwing out information that is not true.”

For proof of the veracity of his assertions, Mr. Cooper invited skeptics to compare “documents and figures and facts from other (California) cities. These cities have a lot denser concentrations of marijuana clinics vs. what we are planning.”

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