NFL Players Should Stand up, Not Retreat

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Mike Hennessey
Mike Hennessey

It is obvious the National Football League never is going to get it right and exert control over its players. 

If you work for a business, you are expected to follow the rules of the company. Not, however, in the NFL

When players refused to stand at attention for the National Anthem, it is a disgrace. The problem is growing in the NFL. 

On the eve of the season, players who do stand are supporting the players who choose to disrespect our country, and more importantly, our flag. 

Our country is not perfect. 

But that is not an excuse for the disrespect these players are showing.

Yet the National Football League is allowing it to happen.

All of these players – not exceptions — make a lot a money. They lead privileged lives in our country. 

If they are unhappy, they are invited to work for change, not, however, by disrespecting our flag. 

If indeed, as reported, they were praying, there is a time for God and a time for country. 

If these players don’t want to work for change in a respectful manner, maybe some foreign country would be a good place for them to live. 

See if they could get by with there stupid action in some other country.  One country arrested an individual for dancing.

My wish is that the NFL would deal with this disrespectful action. I don’t expect that to happen. 

My next wish would be that the American public would boycott teams that allow players to be so disrespectful.

I also doubt that will occur.

Most people will just overlook the problem – and yes, it is a problem.  This is not an issue of free speech.

In another football-related incident, the father of a high school player convicted of raping a girl here in Ohio shot the judge who convicted his son. The father was killed by the police. 

Doesn’t this show the mentality of some football supporters.  Their attitude of football at any price must stop.

The Right Way

On a better note, last Tuesday, my granddaughter Heather and I attended the Dayton Dragons minor league game, and the Dragons won 12-0.  By the way, the players on both teams stood for the National Anthem. 

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