And Now, a Word (or a Million) from Meghan

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When Mayor Jeff Cooper polled his City Council colleagues for comments at the outset of Monday’s meeting, Meghan Sahli-Wells’s turn came, and you held onto your seat with both hands. And anyone else’s.

Out of respect for her husband, she asked members to adjourn in memory of the 300-plus Egyptian Muslims massacred (by rival Muslims) over the weekend.

Playing to her band of followers, Ms. Sahli-Wells shocked only three dozing fans in the audience by revealing “the Council abhors violence.”

It appears that the smart, passionate Councilwoman’s goal every Monday night is to lead the Council in words, never mind the content or irrelevancy.

As owner of a charming personality, she is expected to retire undefeated.

As a committed leftist who loyally follows orders – power, baby — it impossible for Ms. Sahli-Wells to ramble through a lengthy, very lengthy or intolerably lengthy filibuster without lobbing intense unoriginal insults and – drum roll — charging racism.

So it was Monday night.

Ms. Sahli-Wells was so worked up, I thought of calling 8-1-1, the ER Awaits Leftist Politicians Bursting Blood Vessels Line.

Between backpatting herself for doing a fabulous job on the cannabis retail subcommittee and trying to assure snubbed community critics they would be granted an audience with the subcommittee – at an unknown (?) time — she barely had room for her main event:

Lambasting the last two racist Republican presidents – skipping Whazzizname — and forgiving non-whites for becoming drug addicts. She suggested sneaky racist Republicans tricked them into crime.

We need longer Council meetings.

Or fewer live microphones.

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