Race, Gender Aside, Tiggs Seeks Seriously Diverse Council

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Mr. Tiggs, left, with former Councilman Paul Jacobs

Second in a series

Re “Council Seeker Tiggs Debuts as a Republican

Cloaked in a Republican label for the first time in his political career, City Council candidate Marcus Tiggs was questioned about his strategy for the April election.

  • Is it important to be all over Culver City?
  • To concentrate on certain neighborhoods?
  • To focus on a specific message?

Mr. Tiggs, who smiles easily, laughed heartily when his interrogator suggested the answer was affirmative to all.

“I don’t want to give away trade secrets,” he said. “Every candidate has his or her own strategy.

“Being the only Republican running, obviously my strategy has to be a little different.”

Question: What issue is driving you most? Cannabis?

Mr. Tiggs: “What is an issue today is not an issue tomorrow. What’s driving me is, in my humble opinion the City Council should be diverse.

“I am not just talking about race, not just talking about gender. I am talking about ideas, philosophies. If we all thought the same, what kind of society is that going to be?

“If there are two sides to an issue, generally, one side will be wrong and one side will be right,” said the attorney. “If the wrong side is the only side on that dais, that does not make sense.

“We need to reach compromises. We need healthy discussions about why we disagree instead of being mad with each other.

“Everyone’s mad.”


(To be continued)

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