Vera Urges Council to Slow, Give Voice to Residents

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Mr. Vera

First in a series

As momentum built throughout this year to bring a comprehensive legalized marijuana enterprise to Culver City, Albert Vera, a candidate for the City Council in April, staunchly defended his minority position:

He advocated for delivery only.

No more.

“That ship has sailed,” he said sadly.

Delivery-only was an unpopular stance in many California city halls because of anticipated retail revenues, which have looked increasingly modest.

Mr. Vera saw delivery-only as a safeguarding measure that would seal off the perceived perils of retail cannabis sales from vulnerable youths and adults.

At last week’s Council meeting, Mr. Vera spoke out against the tiny window of comment opportunity granted to residents when complex, not to mention convoluted, cannabis regs were posted hours before Thanksgiving, 4½ days before the Council meeting.

“The Council did not leave any time for people to analyze and to comment on the potential impact on the community,” he said.

Mr. Vera said the cannabis task force – which included Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells and Mayor Jeff Cooper – “never fully reviewed putting retail in close proximity to residential.

“I don’t believe they explored that whatsoever,” he said.

Shopping centers have been mentioned as a potential alternative relocation, but Mr. Vera disagrees.

What bothers him most is that with Ms. Sahli-Wells and Mr. Cooper leading a heavily hyped charge for lightning passage of the dense, incomplete rules, “a complete Council meeting never has been devoted to the relationship of retail sales to residential.”


(To be continued)

3 Comments on “Vera Urges Council to Slow, Give Voice to Residents”

  1. Anonymous

    Mr Vera’s advice to slow down, consider what the public , the voters of Culver City want reguarding cannabis and the commerce of cannabis…is sane and refreshing.
    It would be encouraging to have time and process afforded the public of the United States,when reviewing the national budget.

  2. Brendon Macaraeg

    Appreciate Al Vera’s measured, pragmatic approach to this topic.

    Wish the rest of the council would as well — but that’s why there’s an election in April

  3. Sally H

    The Marijuana Task force have been in action since Spring this year with public multiple meetings that were well advertised. Everyone had a chance to show up and make their feelings heard at Task Force meetings and during long Council discussions. Mr Vera’s advocating for delivery only would be a retrograde step and maybe I’m mistaken but I didn’t see Mr Vera at any of those meetings. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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