Then There Was Warren’s Trumped-up Claim

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Fist doubled, Sen. Warren is ready to fight

The headline on Friday morning’s essay by my friend and colleague Tom Elias (Hate Crimes up. Trump Did It”) condenses his thesis.

In a state where millions of raggedy criminal illegal aliens recklessly and fearlessly flaunt our most sacred laws daily because liberal Hispanic lawmakers have inoculated them against arrest, Mr. Elias blames President Trump.

Thrashing logic nearly to death, our essayist traces his foundation-free assertion to two of the worst samples available:

  • He charged a racial slur when President Trump called the fake Sen. Liz Warren, the part-time cigar store Indian, Pocahontas.
  • The temporary travel ban to America from six Muslim-majority countries.

Besides being fundamentally dishonest and a publicly demonstrated serial liar, Warren is the poster child for what is  endemically wrong with the Democrat party – trashy values, anti-social behavior.

Hot-tempered Warren, an Oklahoma native, strayed far from before trying falsely to impress readily impressed leftist employers.

After Warren falsely declared Indian ancestry was central to her heritage, Ivy League schools heard the war cry. First Penn, later Harvard hired her for their faculty, billboarding her phony Pocahontas background, which she did not admit until later. She taught Pal Franken how to shuffle stories and claims.

As for our essayist’s second claim about Mr. Trump’s common-sense order forbidding travel from Muslim-majority countries, what is the problem since 99.9 percent of terrorists are Muslims?

Our essayist wrote:

The latest FBI hate crime statistics cover only 2016, not even including an apparent rise in white supremacist activity that’s been reported less formally since Mr. Trump refused to outright condemn the neo-Nazi-tinged rally that turned fatal last summer in Charlottesville, VA.

What does that have to do with President Trump?

He adds:

Perhaps even more important to anyone looking for a trend was a rise of 9 percent in the month of November 2016, the month of Mr. Trump’s election victory.

I am convinced. Ms. Jones, call the County Registrar’s office. See if I can change my vote to Hillary for as long as she can avoid prison

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