When Will It Be Public’s Turn on Marijuana?

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The most sizzling corner of the cannabis debate centers on whether soon-to-be-legal marijuana will be received in Culver City with arms that are open or fists that are closed.

No one who has spoken out, especially the deeply divided City Council, has a clue whether the drug will be very welcome or very unwelcome.

Only Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells is positive cannabis will be embraced. Her evidence, though, has not been visible.

The moods and opinions of the community on retail cannabis outlets have formed a a colorless thread since last winter.

Protestations to the contrary, no one has measured Culver City’s receptiveness.

Vice Mayor Thomas Small was asked if he has a concept of how community voices effectively can be heard in the next weeks.

“Oh, boy,” he said.

“I think this is one subject I just am not going to comment on. It is so emotionally charged for certain parts of the public that it is not helpful for me to comment.”

The vice mayor has a splendid sense of humor.

“I will be happy to talk to you about the General Plan Update, of course,” Mr. Small said with a chuckle. “Something more in my wheelhouse.”

After a pause, Mr. Small spoke out.

“I will say that I will certainly be someone who will assure that the public will have a very thorough opportunity for input.

“I am willing to demand input from the public.”


“Exactly how that will take place will be unfolded,” Mr. Small promised.

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