Centen Poetry Contest

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Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult, Culver City Artist Laureate for Poetry, is organizing a poetry contest and series of readings to celebrate Culver City’s Centennial. www.CulverCity100.org Dr. Hoult teaches the Word Painting with Poetry class at the Senior Center. The contest and readings are open to all Culver City residents, students who attend Culver City schools, members of the Culver City … Read More

It’s Time for the Sweet Spot

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The Fresh Paint Art Gallery

Farragut Elementary’s annual Parent Gala will be Saturday evening at the Fresh Paint Art Gallery, 5835 Washington Blvd., from 7 o’clock to 11. The theme for this year’s fundraiser is The Sweet Spot since Culver City is the sweet spot of Los Angeles, and the arts represent the sweet spot of education. We will be featuring lots of desserts from … Read More

Danger Zone at the Frost This Weekend

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Senior Justin Pineda rehearses dancers for “4 a.m. Wilderness” performed in the Frost audience for the Danger Zone Dance Company’s “Pushing the Envelope”

When Culver City High School’s Danger Zone Dance Company considers pushing the envelope, you can’t be certain of what they’ll come up with. But you will this weekend – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Robert Frost Auditorium on campus. Known for their creative dance theater work, the dance students and faculty of Culver High’s Academy of Visual and … Read More

Picture This: Farragut’s Artworks! On Saturday

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Rachel Schinderman and Ellen Davidson in the Photo Booth

One of the most creative community outings of the year, Farragut Elementary’s Artworks! Extravaganza, will be staged Saturday from 11 to 4 on the school grounds. As you can see from the expressions on the faces of Rachel Schinderman and Ellen Davidson, guests have a fun time in the photo booth, which returns this year, and roaming among the creative … Read More

Marley’s Ghost Comes to Town Next Week

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Band members Jon Wilcox, Mike Phelan, Dan Wheetman, Ed Littlefield, Jerry Fletcher.

Popular West Coast band Marley’s Ghost will play Boulevard Music, Culver City, on Saturday, April 11, 8 p.m., in celebration of the release of its forthcoming album, The Woodstock Sessions. The recording project was helmed by Grammy-winning producer Larry Campbell. Known for his artful work with Bob Dylan and Levon Helm, among many others, Mr. Campbell guides the Ghost’s dig into its … Read More

A Tale of Two History Lessons

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Reviews of French Revolutions for Beginners and The History of Classical Music for Beginners. Whatever revolutionary impulses might lurk in the mind of contemporary America’s body politic have, with the exception of a few flare-ups here and there, been effectively muddled, diffused, and ultimately deflected. French Revolutions for Beginners by attorney and professor Michael J. Lamonica isn’t a dissection of American politics, past or present, but it does offer insight – a tonic for complacency, perhaps? – into the revolutionary spirit via France’s dramatic shedding of the old …

Spending an Early Navidad with Three Latina Comediennes

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Back by popular demand after a sold-out run last year — standing room only — The Latina Christmas Special at Theatre Asylum features three Latina comediennes telling three personal Christmas stories of holidays past. Sandra Valls, Diana Yanez and Maria Russell return to deck the halls with guacamole in nine performances the next three Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and Sundays at 5, at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.

Moderately Suggestive: Thoughts on Slightly Salacious at WLAC’s Fine Arts Gallery

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Anyone hoping for nerve-tingling titillation or grand displays of erotic prowess from the West L.A. College Fine Arts Gallery’s latest show would do well to recall its title: Slightly Salacious. There are nudes, yes, as well as insinuations, but nothing outrageous enough to work up a good froth over. The exhibit offers no incentive to re-chart well-trod topographies in an attempt to delineate pornography from art, although I wonder to what extent the question even holds any interest in this worldly age. What Slightly Salacious does offer, however, is …

Where Did Thanksgiving Go?

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If you look at signs on store fronts it’s hard to find a turkey

Or a pumpkin pie displayed without a jack o’ lantern lurking

The goblins and the witches now wear garb that’s red and white

They look more like Santa Claus…a much less frightening sight

But even yet more frightening is the shifting of our focus