The Parabolic Trajectory of a Dynamic New Author

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

The best thing about attending a convention like L.A.’s Comikaze or San Diego Comic-Con isn’t the big-ticket events and vendors, as exciting as they are, but the opportunity to meet dazzlingly creative independent artists. I never fail to be impressed by the diverse, idiosyncratic visions of talented individuals having a go at sharing their work with the public. One example comes from last year’s Comikaze, where I came across …

No Kneed to Apologize to Joyce?

Dr. Janet HoultA&E, General Art

Sometime ago I wrote about my knees with reference to Joyce Kilmer's poem, Trees. It also is a reminder that the tree roots can cause injuries that may require knee surgery and/or replacements…!

Tragedy of Zahirah – Closer Look at Middle East Refugees

Dr. Janet HoultA&E, General Art

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago as part of a series in my memoirs. At the time I was in Beirut, too young to fully understand the political ramifications. Through the years, I recognized how the Arab brethren of the refugees had used and manipulated them. While I was studying for my doctorate at USC back in the 1970s, I saw a film made by a student from Saudi Arabia. Part of it showed Palestinian refugee camps. The accompanying script gave the impression that the Saudis were magnanimous in allowing them to live there. This was nearly 30 years after the partition. Yet none of the refugees was given equal status — citizenship, education, employment…

Identity, Equality, Humanity; How Social Roles Restrict us

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

Review of Gender & Sexuality for Beginners … written by Jaimee Garbacik and illustrated by Jeffrey Lewis, examines arguably the most fundamental manifestation of identity politics. Much like Greek Mythology for Beginners, the book is formatted less like a comic book and more like an illustrated text – and a fairly dense one at that. The graphic design would have better benefited readers with a cleaner, more spacious layout. Nevertheless, the book’s well-researched and documented examination of gender construction and sexual orientation is first-rate.

Less Stuff, More Happiness

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

A review of Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. “Less is more” is the classic minimalist motto, an easily observed injunction to pare down ornamentation in favour of essential form. Hence, the interior décor that is either stylish or sparse depending on one’s preferences. The canvas graced with the fewest brushstrokes and pigments, about which more creativity is often expanded in the artwork’s interpretation than its composition. The music distinguished by a heightened awareness of order manifested in repetitive musical motifs. But when applied to the art of living, the familiar mantra benefits from …

Today is our chance to make a difference in Culver City.

temp108A&E, General Art

The Culver City community is invited to the Farragut Elementary campus on Saturday, from 11 until 4, for Artworks! for Kids, a fun, free celebration of arts education in our schools. Families will enjoy performances, workshops and art happenings throughout the day. Groups from schools throughout Culver City will take the stage. Performances range from Taiko Drumming to Flamenco Dancing to the Culver City Middle School Improv Troupe. Kids can take part in …

No Need to Wait – AVPA Rockets Away on Friday Night

Dr. Tony SpanoA&E, General Art

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at Culver City High School invites the community to attend a unique event on Friday evening at the Robert Frost Auditorium, featuring original work by our students. The program is called “Creativity in Process – Composer, Choreographer – Music, Dance, Art, Film, Theatre.”

AVPA Artists Exhibit at the Brewery Art Walk

Geoff MalemanA&E, General Art

Thirty visual artists from the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at Culver City High School will be exhibiting their artwork at the Brewery Art Walk next weekend, on Saturday, Oct. 12, and Sunday, Oct. 13, from 11 to 6. The Brewery is just north of downtown Los Angeles, 2100 N. Main St.