‘Excuseman’ Only Tortures Readers

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

In an age saturated by scandals, what we apparently need is a superhero wielding a very large needle to pop the ballooning delusions of celebrity apologetics. Unfortunately, “Excuseman” (aka Chicago trial lawyer Jordan Margolis) is too busy indulging himself to stay focused on his mission to save the world from “insincere apologies for bad behavior from celebrities, politicians and general ne’er-do-wells.”

AVPA’s Big Dancing Picture Starts Tonight at the Robert Frost the Frost

temp208A&E, General Art

“Can You See Me in the Big Picture?,” this spring’s offering from the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts’ DZDP Dance Company of Culver City High School, will start tonight and will be staged through the weekend on campus at the Robert Frost Auditorium.

Showtimes are 7 o’clock on tonight and Saturday, and at 1 on Sunday afternoon at the auditorium, 4401 Elenda St.

Whopping Success of Farragut’s Artworks Event Saves Art and Music at School

Garth SandersA&E, General Art

Farragut Elementary School's annual Artworks! fundraiser netted $34,000 for arts programming at the school, making a significant amount over last year’s net revenue.
Farragut Elementary School is designated as the arts and technology school within the Culver City Unified School District.
Funds raised this year will provide all Farragut students next school year with a continuation and expansion of visual, music and theater arts programming.

A Special Moment on Friday for AVPA Art Students

temp208A&E, General Art

The Culver City High School Academy of Visual and Performing Arts has 30 art students who participated this year in a community arts program in association with the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Working alongside artist and gallery owner Casey Zoltan from The Seventh Letter and Aaron Rose, artist, director, and co-curator of MOCA's exhibit, “Art In The Streets,” they have been participating in workshops each week.
And now their work will culminate in the student exhibition, “Not For Sale”

The Magic of Indian Dance in a Tribute to Tagore

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

On Sunday, April 10, mother and daughter called upon their art to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, a notable and prolific Bengalese artist whose work encompassed writing, music and painting, and whose accomplishments were recognized with the first Nobel Prize for literature awarded, in 1913, to a non-European.

When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 2

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

In part 2 of our discussion on the intersection of bellydance and the goth subculture, Ariellah and I touch on more technical topics related to her dancing, as well as some of the larger issues and controversies that surround bellydance.

When Goth and Bellydance Meet – Part 1

Frédérik SisaA&E, General Art

Part 1 of 2. In the wake of my forays into gothic bellydance through DVDs such as Gothic Bellydance and Bellydance Underworld, I contacted Ariellah Aflalo – one of the country’s foremost bellydancers in the genres of gothic and tribal fusion bellydance and a featured performer on both DVDs. Ariellah graciously took time out of her busy schedule touring and teaching to discuss at length, via eMail, questions on the gothic subculture, bellydance, and how the two intersect for her.